The Art of Likeability with Arel Moodie

What is it about some people that makes us gravitate toward them? Why is it that sometimes we just don’t like certain people? How can we acquire that X-factor that makes some men so likeable and how can we use that to enhance our relationships at work and at home?

Today’s guest is Arel Moodie, the host of the wildly popular podcast called The Art of Likeability. He says that increased likability improves your leadership and builds deeper relationships to create more success in all areas of your life. He demystifies likeability and tells us how to leverage it for ourselves and also instill it in our children. You do not want to miss the fascinating interview!

'In every situation, either someone’s teaching you how to treat people or you’re teaching them how to treat people by your example, so you have to decide what’s going to be it.'—@arelmoodie #likeability #leadership #family Click To Tweet

Arel Moodie and The Art of Likeability

Arel Moodie has been married for ten years and is the father of two boys. His obsession with likeability began in school. He wasn’t a total outcast, but he considered himself a C- when it came to operating in social situations. He wondered what did the cool kids have that he didn’t have? This began his lifelong missions to find out the secret of likeability and make it available to everyone.

'Being a good leader is always about helping other be better.'—@ArelMoodie #leadership #fatherhood #dads #men #fathers Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn

  • What makes us decide whether we like or dislike a person
  • Why in order to be interesting, you have to be interested
  • Unlocking the social superpower, which is realizing that the exact conversation you have in your head about your anxieties and insecurities is the same exact conversation other people have going on in their heads
  • How your level of warmth and confidence raises significantly with empathy
  • The real difference between positive and negative people (it’s not that positive people don’t have negative thoughts)
  • Why we are so hard on ourselves with our inner dialogue
    • Spiritually, our fear of our potential for evil.
    • Biologically, a survival instinct that says that if we play small and don’t risk, we stay safe
    • The fear that when we truly appreciate something, we’ll lose it
  • How to become the beacon of positive in the workplace
  • Taking our unhappiness at work out on others is a way of using power and control
  • How to choose to create something great in your work life
  • You can crush it in anything today if you’re passionate about it
  • How to learn how to love your spouse in the way they want
  • As a masculine mind, we look at fixing the problem while our partners want us to acknowledge their feelings
  • How a woman’s feelings are like a storm that passes
  • How men have to stand ground and acknowledge the woman’s feelings
  • How to teach likeability to your kids
  • Looking for the win-win in every situation, and why win-win makes you likeable
  • The mistake of sacrificing for other people
  • How Arel brainwashes his children
'I brainwash my children. If I’m not brainwashing them, someone else is.'—@ArelMoodie #parenting #fatherhood #family #moms #dads Click To Tweet



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Make Your Time Effective and Unforgettable

Being Time Effective is the best way to be present with our families.  The trick is to be effective with our time and not need more time in the day.

Twenty four hours. That’s what we have. That’s it. We are all equal in this fact. The difference is made when we decide how to divide our given time. Many times, though, we don’t even know where our time went.

Time Effective Means Commit to the Time

When we go into a day without a specific plan, and allow various people, events and our personal devices to hijack our schedules, we find ourselves lost. But, if we decide how we are going to spend our time and stay true to our plans, we feel more accomplished and find that we are accomplishing our goals. At first, it might be a hard habit to establish, but over time, you will find this personal mandate pays off in great rewards.

What’s Important

It’s so easy to allow our personal devices and social media to distract from what we find most important. If time with our family is critical and we spend much of our time physically with our family, but at the same time on our phones, then it’s time to make a decision. Maybe make it a rule that when you are with your family the phones are put away. This action builds an expectation that time together is sacred and that you value each other.
Our lives are busy. Everyone’s life is. With this fact, it’s easy to allow outside factors intrude on our personal goals and the things and people we value. But if we choose to set boundaries with our time and make a concerted effort to value the time of the people we love and care about, then we own our twenty four hours again and take our life back.


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