Reclaiming Your Sovereignty with Ryan Michler

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty with Ryan Michler

This is our 150th episode and the show is already going on 3 years old . We’ve had amazing guests – pro-athletes, NY Times bestselling authors, personal development superstars, Navy SEALs, and more. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen and participate. If you haven’t already joined, we invite you to our Facebook group to interact with The Dad Edge community and live life with purpose!

Today we have Ryan Michler on the show for the 4th time. For those of you who don’t already know, he is a good friend and the founder of Order of Man. Ryan has just released a book called Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men that outlines what it means to protect, provide, preside, and lead.  Any manly question you could possibly have will be answered. You will walk away a better man, husband, and father after listening to this episode!

'When we step fully into our mission, we live a more fulfilled and satisfied life because there is purpose in value in what we're doing.' - Ryan Michler @OrderofMan #dads #fathers #men #fatherhood #manhood Click To Tweet

Ryan Michler’s Sovereingty

There was a time in Ryan’s life where he knew in his heart that something was wrong, but he wasn’t sure what it was. Then he realized he had given away his sovereignty to others. He expected his life to work out and it didn’t. It was because he wasn’t living his own life. Ryan wrote Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men to create a compact and consumable way to get his message to his audience. He also wanted to articulate and structure his thoughts to focus on his purpose.

sov·er·eign·ty – the quality or state of being sovereign, or of having supreme power or authority.

We give away our power in our lives. We make justifications, excuses, and rationalizations about who we are. Furthermore, men have been asked to dismiss their masculinity and sit quietly in a corner until they are needed. Then we wonder why we’re not experiencing the contentment and satisfaction we should. Sovereignty is all about taking absolute control, responsibility, and ownership of your life.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why men feel trapped by the parameters of society
  • Why men put up their own obstacles and barriers
  • How guilt prevents men from pushing their lives forward
  • How to invest in yourself
  • Why you need to be intentional about investing in yourself
  • The 13 Virtues we can adhere to
  • How to take inventory of how you spend your time
  • The three sections of Sovereingty:
    • The Mission
    • The Code of Conduct
    • The Battle Plan
  • A man’s objectives:
    • Protect
    • Provide
    • Preside
  • What is discernment and how to use it to focus our resources
  • How to create your own inspiration using visualization
  • How to use an after-action review to learn from experiences
  • How learning from our failure helps us achieve mastery
'At the end of the day, I know I've done my job if I render myself obsolete. I want to be wanted. I never want to be needed.' - Ryan Michler @OrderofMan #leadership #fatherhood #kids #parenting #family Click To Tweet


How Your Tribe Will Make You a Better Man with Ryan Michler

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'When you work on yourself fully, the people around you will change.' - Ryan Michler @OrderofMan #dads #fathers #men #fatherhood #manhood Click To Tweet

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How Your Tribe Will Make You a Better Man with Ryan Michler

Ryan Michler is the creator of the Order of Man Community and Podcast, which teaches men how to live with purpose, achieve self-mastery, and create a legacy. Today he tells why it’s important for men to become part of a tribe and how that tribe will help you become a better man.

Ryan Michler and the Order of Man

Ryan Michler’s father left when he was three-years-old. His first step dad was an alcoholic, and though he wasn’t abusive, he was not present as a parent. His second stepfather was successful, but emotionally abusive, controlling, and manipulative. Still, Ryan didn’t didn’t know what a good dad was supposed to be, so he didn’t know what he was missing. It wasn’t until high school when he saw how his friends’ dads’ behaved that he became aware of the void in his life.

This lack of a father caused Ryan to suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem issues. He wanted to be liked and accepted by everyone and changed himself to fit in. After his first marriage failed, he endured the darkest time of his life. He knew he wasn’t operating like a man should. This convinced him to go to work on improving himself.

Now Ryan Michler has been married for twelve years and is a father of four kids. As a dad who grew up without a true father figure, he saw a huge need for learning about what it means to be a man. He started Order of Man to form a tribe of men who can learn from each other and support one another.

Why do men need a tribe?

Women are there for us in a nurturing way, but sometimes we tough love and the insights of other men who have gone what we’ve gone through. Men get emotionally attached to their situations and decisions, it’s difficult to look at our own problems objectively. We need a third-party perspective to give us advice when our thoughts and feelings are clouding our judgement.

How does a tribe work?

Men are raised to be self-reliant and wary of people. We hate to expose our weaknesses or admit when we’re not on top of everything. A tribe is a safe place to share fears and worries about subjects we don’t normally talk about. When we’re going through a time of uncertainty and weakness, we can turn to those with the qualities we’re lacking and learn from them. When we’re feeling strong in life, we can help others by sharing how we’ve overcome a similar experience.

How do we find a tribe?

Operating in packs is how men thrive. To be strong, we need to tie into other people, but it’s up to us to seek out a tribe and be consistent. Ryan suggest dipping your toe in the water. Look at your immediate circle. Who is doing well in areas you’re struggling with? Ask for advice where you see strength in others. Share something light and then build on that. You can also start by joining an online tribe like Order of Man and The Good Dad Project.

Ryan Michler’s Parting Piece of Dad Wisdom

Don’t ever use your kids and family as an excuse not to take care of yourself.

This sounds selfish at first, but it’s actually the most unselfish thing you can do. If you’re constantly draining yourself, you won’t have the mental or physical energy to be a good dad or husband. Begin burned out all the time will build resentment and put a strain on your marriage.

Ryan recommends carving out a time to get together with other men doings something you enjoy. Schedule it in advance. Communicate it to your wife and family so they are in on it you won’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself. He also says it won’t work if you just go through the motions. Give your attention fully to the activity so you’re invigorated and mentally restored when you come home. Then you’ll have refilled your tank so you can serve others again.


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honor our veteran dads

Why We Honor Our Veteran Dads with Ryan Michler

Episode Overview:

The Good Dad Project Podcast is a weekly show that releases a new episode every Monday.  Shawn and I have the highest respect for our military service and we honor our veteran dads.  So, in honor of Veteran’s Day, we wanted to show our appreciation, respect, and gratitude to the men and women who serve our country with a bonus episode with a very special guest, Ryan Michler.

For this episode we really wanted to dive into the life of a soldier who served our country for eight years.  During that eight-year service, he spent twelve months in Iraq where he was literally under fire and attack every single day.


Key Takeaways:

  • Ryan shares what it was like living under daily enemy fire for over a year
  • Discover the Warrior Ethos
  • Ryan shares the challenges of readjusting to civilian life after war
  • Learn how the families of our soldiers share the risk and burden of our veterans


Honor our Veteran Dads

Ryan Michler, veteran and our guest for today’s show, shares several critical lessons he learned from his time in the military.  Even as a young boy, Ryan has always considered himself a patriot.  He was always so inspired to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to serve his country.  At the young age of only seventeen and only a junior in high school, he decided to answer an internal calling to serve his country.

Ryan grew up without a permanent father figure in his life for most of his childhood.  In the military, he found several positive male role models and mentors.  It was in his training and time in the military that has really shaped the man he is today and what he stands for.


Being under enemy fire every day for one year

Ryan dove into detail about his one-year tour in Iraq.  During this episode, Ryan paints a vivid picture of what it was like on a daily basis serving in Iraq.  He lived under enemy fire literally every single day.



Being a warrior and a father

The Warrior Ethos.  “I will always place the mission first.” 


“If you think of your life’s mission as: being a better father, husband, and man…you will focus all efforts towards that goal. 

You will not quit.  You will succeed. 

No matter the challenges, being a veteran has taught me to always put the mission first.  I can take all that I have learned through my military training and implement those same strategies and lessons into being a better man, husband, and father.” – Ryan Michler

honor our veteran dads

Honor our Veteran Dads and their families:

Ryan talks about how hard it was for his wife when he was active in Iraq.  The families of our veterans who are left at home are sacrificing just as much as the veterans themselves.  Ryan shares the importance of not only honoring our veterans, but the families as well.


Raising our kids with a problem-solving mentality

The military teaches problem solving skills and the importance of completing every mission.  One of the greatest lessons we can teach our kids is following through with their commitments (completing the mission).  The greatest gift we can give our kids is room and space to problem solve to figure out ways to complete their missions.  As parents, it’s our instinct to protect and even rescue our kids before we give them an opportunity to problem solve.  Part of Ryan’s mission as a father is giving his kids room to problem solve while instilling the importance of following through on their commitments.

A Special Thanks from the Good Dad Project to our Veteran Dads

Shawn and I would like to personally thank every Veteran Dad who defends the freedoms we enjoy.  If you are reading this, please send this episode to a Veteran you respect, love, and honor.



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