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The Process of Family Leadership—Dad Edge Alliance Exclusive Q&A with Errol Doebler

We are all going to go some day. What kind of culture do you want to leave behind for your family and the generations to come?

We have an intense experience for you today. Errol Doebler, former Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent, is back on the show. He is a husband, a father of three, and the author of The Process, Art and Science of Leadership.

Errol participated in a live event with the Dad Edge Alliance, where more than 70 men had the opportunity to listen to his arsenal of family leadership training and got a chance to ask him questions on how to use the process of leadership to become strong leaders for their families.

Errol explains how the leadership strategies used for battle are the same we need to use in the boardroom and the home. In this behind-the-scenes peek into the Dad Edge Alliance, you will learn how to gain trust, earn respect, and form an unbreakable family team.


What You’ll Learn

  • Great teams (and families) are not made by who is on them, but how they operate.
  • It’s up to the leader (the father) to create a space where everyone feels like they can speak up.
  • Communication is the main part of the planning process. You need the team’s contributions.
  • We can unwittingly create silence. We have to break that down and develop an environment of psychological safety.
  • Each member gets equal input. Do not let a few dominate.
  • Teammates must be in tune with each other’s emotions and needs to be successful.
  • Before enforcing accountability, make it clear what kids have to be accountable for.
  • Autonomy—we want kids to take initiative. We establish what we want them to do and why we want them to do it. Then we let them tell us how.
  • What to do when you’ve blown up at your kids
  • Why we must apply the same mindset to times of calm as to times of chaos
  • How to regain trust and respect from your wife and/or family when you’ve lost it
  • How to reestablish leadership when you’ve given it up
  • How to execute even when you’re feeling fear
  • How to define and enforce codes of behavior


The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership with Errol Doebler


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failing forward

How to Teach Your Kids Success By Failing Forward

Failing Forward is a powerful life lesson.

As adults, we know we don’t have all of the answers. We fail, we make mistakes,  and we struggle. But if we have the mindset that we can learn from these mistakes and failures, then we persevere and get better. Too many times, though, we get stuck in the pervasive idea that failure is bad, unacceptable; heck, there’s even tag lines quoting “Failure is not an option”. The problem with this thinking is, if failure is not an option, then how do we ever progress forward?


Changing our mindset to one of growth, helps us be great examples for our kids on how to tackle their failures. These 6 tips will help uou and your kids achieve your best self.

Failing Forward and Letting Kids Fail

Too many times as parents, we get so impatient with our kids’ ability to finish something in a certain amount of time. We must remember that they are kids and need to,learn. Doing things for our kids teaches them nothing; wait, it does. It teaches them dependency. If our kids can’t learn to be independent and have their own way, of thinking, then we will cripple them in their future.

Change Your View of Failure

Let’s face it, failing is not fun. It is so much more fun to win. Maybe we have been condition to avoid failure at all costs because it is seen as “bad”. What we may not realize is our fear of failure caps our children’s view of what is possible. Instead, we need to help kids learn from their failures.

Model Failing Forward

It’s time to swallow that pride. As difficult as it may be, let your kids see when you fail or share times that you have failed with them. This helps them see that even adults makes mistakes, but the important thing is learning from them. You can even give them examples of others failing forward. When kids see that failure does not occur in a vacuum, they have more freedom to make the mistakes they need to make to grow.

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Teach your kids that not everyone wins a trophy. This is a tough one. This Lesson helps kids appreciate the times they do win. Not only that, it helps kids set and work toward a goal. To help your child achieve, ask them questions about how they think they can improve.

Failing Forward Teaches Perseverance

Teach perseverance. Try. Try again. Then, try again. This is grit. When kids learn how to keep going even when it feels like it is impossible, they learn to reach their full potential.

Have a Sense of Humor

The power of having a sense of humor when we make mistakes. Having resiliency through humor when we fail immediately changes our perception of the situation and also shows others that we do not fear failure. Failure is a fact of life. Dealing with it with less drama and more laughter brings more positivity to a situation.

In order for kids to learn to embrace failure, we need to embrace it ourselves. It won’t be an easy road, but definitely worth the ride.  


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