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Isolation: The Enemy of Excellence—TDE Exclusive with Aaron Walker

Today fan favorite and a legend our community Aaron “Big A” Walker is on to have a live discussion with our members.

Aaron Walker is the president and founder of View from the Top, an Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind group that goes beyond success to a life of significance.

Aaron talks about why isolation is the enemy of excellence and how the power of mastermind groups to accelerate our growth, success, and happiness is unrivaled. He explains why we need a community of strong men to do life with and gives us examples of how a group of trusted advisors can help us through the toughest spots in our lives.

Aaron talks about what our spouses and kids really need from us and how to show up big for them with a servant leader mindset. He also tells us how to be courageous during crisis, as well as when to lean into our tribe to survive the pitfalls and mistakes that we’re usually afraid to talk about.

“Isolation is the enemy of excellence.”—Aaron Walker

What You’ll Learn

  • Aaron had been in a mastermind every week for 21 years.
  • The biggest pain point men bring up is that they are going through life alone and have no one to help them make decisions.
  • The benefit of being in a mastermind, not just for a few months, but long-term
  • We can’t give advice to someone if we don’t know them and their story
  • A mastermind is a place to get counsel, affirmation, and encouragement
  • We also need trusted advisors who give the advice we don’t want to hear, but desperately need.
  • Sometimes we need a swift kick from people who are not afraid to tell us when we’re wrong.
  • Masterminds give us perspective. We can’t see our own blind spots.
  • Why men isolate, especially when times get tough
  • Doing the right thing is hard. We need other men to hold us accountable.
  • We have to be vulnerable to be courageous
  • A real man’s man is not a stubborn tough guy. A real man’s man is open, emotional, and ready to learn.
  • If you want people to be authentic with you, you have to let the guard down first.
  • Do things for your wife or children to be helpful, not noticed or rewarded.
  • In business—stop trying to make the sale. Instead, focus on adding more value. Then business will come naturally.
  • Becoming a servant leader in work AND at home
  • The little things we can do for our wives that will show them how much we love them
  • What men are most worried about during the coronavirus pandemic
  • The growing focus on spirituality
  • A positive mindset is not natural but must be learned.
  • Aaron’s best advice for dads who struggle with patience and empathy

“Don’t come home with a wallet full of money and a house full of strangers.”—Aaron Walker


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Guest Speakers

Dr. Meg Meeker
New York Times Bestselling Author of “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” and “HERO”
Anthony Trucks
Former NFL Football Player and American Ninja Warrior
Aaron Walker
Founder of View From the Top and bestselling author of “View from the Top” and coming soon “Isolation is the Enemy of Excellence.”
Dominic Quartuccio
Bestselling author of “Design Your Future.”



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sean whalen

Sean Whalen Taking 100% Responsibility and Being a Lion Not a Sheep

Sean Whalen, founder of “Lions Not Sheep” comes on the GDP Podcast to share his views on masculinity, being a father, and taking ownership.

Blame. It’s what we do when we can’t face our own responsibility for failures in our life. It’s so easy for us to point to the plank in someone else’s eye when it’s too hard for us to look at our own plank. Sean Whalen, founder of Lions Not Sheep, explains his own struggle to get to the point where he could be the best person for himself and others.

Sean Whalen and Why Lions Eat First

It is so easy for us to take care of others, thinking that if we just do what we think everyone else wants us to do, that all will be well. When we aren’t getting the response from others we expect from these actions, then we get frustrated and tend to give up. The situation may seem counterintuitive, but if we look at investing in ourselves first, we can show up so much more for others. So, be the lion who eats first so you can be strong for your pride.

Wrong Signal

We have been taught through our upbringing, religion, society that we can’t be selfish. No, you shouldn’t step on others to get what you want, but taking time to get yourself right can only improve your relationships and make you a better person. Happiness can only come from within.  We find ways to block out that negative wrong signal by whatever means necessary to get to the best version of you.

Don’t Be Prideful

As men, when we struggle, we internalize the struggle. Where we fail is when we don’t turn to others who have been through a similar struggle, and we flounder. Giving ourselves the “ok” to get help, we find that we are more successful when we have the tools to get out of the proverbial hole.  Swallow that pride, get out and find the help you need from someone who’s been there, and get better.

Sean Whalen and Failing Forward

We have to be real. Real in every aspect of our lives: our kids, our spouse, our job. In a world where everything is politically correct, we need to learn it’s ok to fail, to learn to fail forward and be better because of our failures. Doing so will only set the correct example for our kids and those around us. Being the lion in your own life only resonates to others to be the best version of themselves.


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