How to Argue with Your Spouse with Peter Sacco

Most of us men have a tendency to accumulate build-up of anger and emotions. It’s easy for us to lose our temper and let a discussion turn into an argument. When we are angry, we can’t think logically. This is when we’re endanger of saying things or behaving in ways we regret towards our partner. Today, Peter Sacco is back on the show to tell you how to argue with your spouse without drama, anger, and resentment.

The most common problems with anger and fighting

It may sound cliche, but most anger problems arise from lack of communication, or poor quality communication. When a couple first meets, the guy tends to be the pursuer, and will tell the woman everything and anything to get her attention. A new couple can’t make enough time to spend together and they talk about everything.

Months, years, decades later, the conversation becomes mundane and repetitive. They think they have nothing to learn about each other anymore. They stop asking questions. It’s not just communication, it’s the quality of it. Simply put, anger and fighting result from procrastination, laziness, redundancy, complacency. It’s important to have the skills to bring up difficult subjects before they fester and blow up or silently destroy the relationship.

Getting out of the rut

How can we be more comfortable with being proactive and less complacent when it comes to things that are hard for us to talk about? At the beginning, when we’re intimate with somebody, we maintain boundaries. We hide a lot. As the relationship progresses, we start to release more and more stuff. We may not have farted or swore in front of our spouse at first, then we gradually let it go. We stretch those boundaries, and a couple must be willing to accept new things learned about each other and adapt.

Part of love is unconditional. People change and evolve. One partner may have grown, while the other one has remained the same. Two people have to refind each other.

How to argue without anger

What are the rules and boundaries for a disagreement between a couple? First of all, don’t have a meaningful or deep discussion if you’re angry. It won’t go anywhere or make it worse. Go away and cool off before talking about what’s upsetting you.

Power plays that will kill your communication, and ultimately, your marriage.

There are two ways couples use to overpower or manipulate each other.

Gunny sacking – Gunny sacking is the storing up of grievances and using them at a later date to try to get even. It’s a passive aggressive type of anger, and a way of reaching in and tearing out someone’s heart strings. Rather than address it rationally when you not so angry, you waiting for it to let it go, like a bomb.

Belt lining–  Belt lining is trying to gain power over the argument by being louder or physically intimidating. This can be done by raising the voice, screaming, yelling, or pounding fists. On the other end of the spectrum, crying or threatening self-harm can be used to manipulate the other person.

How to Walk Away from the Anger

How do we walk away saying, “I’m not going to talk about this right now,” without pissing someone off? You have to assume responsibility for your thoughts feelings and reactions. You can’t control how the other person is going to react. But you can be more detrimental by walking away. If someone storms off without a word, they are shutting down the argument and assuming control. This might leave the other person more hurt and angry.

Peter Sacco says that if you feel the anger welling up, say something like, “Right now I’m angry and I’m not thinking straight. I may say things I don’t mean, and you deserve better. I’m just going to go away and cool off.” In this way, you’ve assumed responsibility for your feelings, you’ve said it with integrity and dignity, and that’s the best you can do. Most people will say thank you in this case, and you’ll avoid a destructive blowout.


What about couples who have a long history of name-calling or hitting below the belt? In a perfect world, both individuals would agree to fix the problem and get counseling. They would make sure they did not fight in front of the kids.

What do you do when you’re being verbally abused by your spouse? Look at the person who is calling you names. Turn it around and say, Thank you. That’s different. Are you talking dirty to me? Are you flirting? The person is going to be thrown from their axis. Their conditioned response will not be able to happen. They have to rethink what they’re saying. You shut down triggers for both of you.

Are Couples Supposed to Communicate Everything?

Two people who’ve been together for a long time will inevitably get on each other’s nerves. Are we really supposed to confront our partner about all the little things that drive us crazy?

Peter Sacco says that before broaching any touchy subject, take your emotions into account. Ask yourself, am I in a good place to have this discussion? Can my partner handle this right now? Don’t bring up a difficult conversation this before bed when you’re both tired. Don’t try it first thing in the morning before work. It could derail the whole day. Timing is everything.

Doomed Relationships

Are there relationships and marriages that are beyond help?  Peter Sacco says that if both people in the relationship are in denial that there is a problem and think there isn’t anything to be fixed, they are in trouble. Also, some couples have given up on trying. They are too set in their ways, and just do not care. However, he also says, that even if just one person in a couple wants it to work, there is hope. He or she might initiate a change in the other person.

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Aaron Walker

Working to Live, Not Living to Work with Aaron Walker

Can we live a life of purpose and still make a living to support our families? Can we do the work that we love and still be profitable? The answer is absolutely YES, and Aaron Walker from View from the Top is here to tell us how.

Aaron Walker

This is Aaron Walker’s second time on the Good Dad Project. You may remember his awesome episode The Ultimate Guide to Work/Life Balance way back in November 2015. For those of you who don’t know, Aaron Walker is a hugely successful businessman and life coach who has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher.

Aaron values his time spent with family and friends. Sharing the past 36 years with his lovely wife Robin has been nothing short of spectacular. His two fantastic daughters and champion son-in-law have given Aaron & Robin five beautiful grandchildren. When time allows, Aaron enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and is an avid reader.

Aaron Walker grew up in a dirt-poor family. They lived in a $6,500 house, which they eventually lost to bankruptcy when alcoholism took over his father’s life. His parents would fight about drinking, and to this day, Aaron despises alcohol. His mother gave his father an ultimatum: either quit or she and the kids would leave. Aaron said his father loved his family more than drinking. This helped his father to quit and turn the family around. Aaron says his dad was his best friend, and they hunted and fished together every day of his life. Still, Aaron wanted to make more of himself, and he did. He was so successful, he retired three times.


Aaron admits that even he gets down and depressed. This is why we all need to have people around to encourage us and help us up. Sometimes we need people to slow us down. Sometimes we need people to speed us up. We need wise counsel. This is why Aaron has been doing mastermind groups for 20 years.

Isolation is the enemy of excellence.


Aaron says that being positive is a choice. You can choose to be optimistic about circumstances, or pessimistic. You can lead a life of significance, or a life of ambition. Aaron knows from experience that chasing material things won’t satisfy you like you think it will. What matters most is people.

We work to live, we don’t live to work.

Build Boundaries

Aaron sets strict boundaries to make sure his life stays on track. He doesn’t allow women to connect with him on social media. He doesn’t get into a car or dine alone with women. This is a foolproof way to keep his marriage safe, but these boundaries need to be set in all areas of your life. What do you value the most? What do you wish to protect at all costs?

Whatever those boundaries are for you, set them.

Source of Energy

Joy and enthusiasm come through Aaron’s voice whenever he speaks. Aaron has a deep faith in God and he says he draws his energy from his worship. He reads scripture every day and is highly involved in church activities.

Aaron also suggests the following tips to protect your energy levels:

  • Make time to read.
  • Stop watching news, it’s not healthy.
  • Listen to music, blogs, podcasts, Ted Talks.
  • Choose what you put in your mind.
  • Choose the people you spend time with. Are they positive influences?
  • Choose who your kids are around.
  • Choose the mindset to set yourself free.

Dad Wisdom

One of the most important boundaries we as dads can set is to not allow anything to intrude on our time with our kids. Most dads get home and think they should use that time to send ten more emails, or call five extra clients. Aaron says to turn it off.

Don’t’ squander your kids’ time growing up.


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Keep Love Alive

3 Ways to Keep Love Alive

In this episode of Thursday Throwdown, we are going to talk about our wives. As men, we have a hard time balancing our relationships, especially when kids come into the picture. Most of the time, it’s the relationship with the woman in our life that gets put on the back burner. We get lazy. We take it for granted. This is when our marriages are in danger of becoming stagnant. So how can we feed our relationship to keep love alive? Here are three ways.

Never stop courting your spouse

When we first meet our spouse, we are respectful and conscientious. We constantly compliment her and focus all our attention on her. We have to keep the courtship going.

Have purposeful undistracted conversations every day

Our partner feels love and connection when we listen to her. Make sure you’re not looking at the TV or checking your phone when she’s talking to you.

Set aside special quality time alone

Make date night a priority. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity. Don’t feel guilty for leaving the kids. They might need a break from you too.


I also recapped last week’s episode with P90X founder, Tony Horton. If you missed that episode, catch it here.


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Tony Horton

How to Optimize Fitness, Nutrition, and Unconditional Love with Tony Horton

On today’s episode of the Good Dad Project, we have P90X creator, Tony Horton. He talks about how fitness and nutrition reprogrammed his brain. He also shares his success and his failures, and how he maintains a thriving marriage with his wife, Shawna.

Tony Horton

Tony Horton is the wildly popular creator of the best-selling fitness series P90X. Tony is a world-class motivational speaker and the author of top-selling books “Bring It”, Crush It!” and his latest motivational book, “The Big Picture” 11 Laws that will change your life. He has appeared on countless television programs as a fitness and lifestyle expert to promote healthy living through exercise and proper nutrition. In keeping with Tony’s passion for a healthy lifestyle, he’s created his new hair and skincare line, TH Care, because he believes what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it.

Tony believes that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. Exercise, whole foods, and the right mindset is the formula that leads to a vibrant, productive and full life for anyone who focuses on being the best they can be.

Fitness and Nutrition

It’s hard to believe that during his school years, Tony was not the popular athlete. He was an Army brat whose family moved all the time. He was small, not athletic, and plagued by a speech impediment called cluttering. He had trouble making friends, and lived in a constant state of fear and angst.

It wasn’t until college that Tony’s life changed when he joined a weightlifting class. As he began to exercise, he started paying attention to what he ate. His body transformed, and so did his mind. He noticed that his GPA went up. His confidence increased and his fears were fading. He credits fitness and nutrition for rewiring his brain and changing his life.

Success and Failure

Tony moved to California where fitness is part of the culture. He became so involved, that at one point he had four different gym memberships. His experience with all different styles of fitness training was the foundation of P90X.

Tony had difficulty topping the amazing success of the P90X series. He has had twenty-one failed businesses since then, but it doesn’t stop him from moving onto the next idea. Tony believes that luck is when opportunity meets readiness, so he always makes sure he’s prepared and open to new opportunities.

Luck is when opportunity meets readiness.

His Marriage

Tony didn’t get married till the age of 57. Before then, he was playing the field. He went for the wrong women for the wrong reasons. Eight years ago, he met his wife, Shawna, on a blind date. Now he says they’re more in love than ever.

He credits the success of their marriage on going out of their way for each other. They don’t let problems sit and expect them to go away. They never throw each other under the bus, especially in front of other people. They also give each other room to do their own things.

What’s my job? To make her life awesome!

Tony Horton’s Dad Wisdom

Tony is not a dad. But as a son, he grew up in a household with alcohol, chaos, and poor communication. He knows his parents did their best, and he also realizes that their parenting is the reason things turned out so well for him and his sisters, but he there were things he would’ve liked to learn from his parents that he found out later in life.


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talk about lack of sex

How to Talk About Lack of Sex with Your Spouse

In this week’s Thursday Throwdown, I follow up on Nell Gibbon Daly’s episode and give you the highlights of how to talk about lack of sex with your spouse.

Sex is a big deal in a relationship, but when two people are married for a long time it might rarely happen or even become nonexistent.

Men don’t want to bring up sex issues because they’re afraid it will start a fight. Women don’t say anything because they’re afraid they’ll hurt their partner’s ego, but not talking about it is the worst thing a couple can do.

The number one factor in a healthy sex-life is communication. In order to be able to talk about sex without hurting each other or fighting about it is to:

  1. Set your ego aside. Take your pride out of it and just listen.
  2. Be open to suggestions and solutions.
  3. Talks as friends. Don’t use a man vs. woman approach, but a friend to friend approach.


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