Aaron Kleiber

Grown @%$ Dad with Aaron Kleiber

Being a man, husband, and father can be a challenge, but if we take ourselves too seriously, we forget to stop and enjoy the good moments.

Laughter helps us release tension, cope with adversity, and approach life with a sense of fun. We need humor in our lives now more than ever. That is why today we have a comedian dad on the show!

Aaron Kleiber has been a professional stand-up comedian for 10 years and has just released his Amazon Prime special, Grown @%$ Dad.

Aaron developed his sense of humor as a coping mechanism through a rough childhood. He tells us how comedy has strengthened his ability to deal with people, endure difficult times, and improvise when faced with unexpected adversity. He also talks about how encouraging our kids’ sense of humor will help them be happier, more creative, and resilient.

Lighten up and let some laughter into your family!

Family is what you make it.

Aaron Kleiber

Aaron Kleiber has been entertaining his entire life — from climbing atop his grandmother’s coffee table as a child and being voted class clown in high school, to ‘acting’ in front of a camera and taking the stage at comedy clubs across North America today.Began his entertainment career producing, performing and writing indie films with high school friend Chris Preksta (Echo Torch, Pittbsburgh Dad), garnering multiple film festival appearances and awards. A short stint at Second City, Chicago and the birth of his first daughter, led him to stay in Pittsburgh and try the ‘solo sport’ of stand-up comedy in 2009.

His podcast, with over 190 episodes, ‘Grown Dad Business’ has been streamed over a million times and can be heard on iTunes and everywhere else you listen to podcasts.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aaron has been a fixture in the city’s booming comedy scene for the last decade; producing and performing hundreds of shows in the area, including the Pittsburgh Improv, selling out multiple headline shows, and Arcade Comedy Theater, where he served as stand-up programmer for 5 years. Also was named “Best Local Comedian” by Pittsburgh Magazine three times.

Aaron continues to work and reside in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and three children.

Grown @%$ Dad

Aaron Kleiber delivers jabs of romanticized parental myths with uppercuts of straight-up dad knowledge. From sun visors and dad nuggs to his no-holds barred take on annoying children’s television and Santa, Aaron’s truths resonate with parents and non-parents alike. He may not know all the answers, but what he does understand is delivered through his special brand of comedic storytelling.

What You’ll Learn

  • Aaron Kleiber didn’t know his biological father.
  • How he frames his relationship with his abusive stepfather
  • Why he hasn’t pursued his real father
  • The people who became father figures in his life
  • Creating his own band of brothers
  • Why Aaron says, “I feel like there is no life without my wife.”
  • How comedy reigns in his household
  • How to keep the family fun all the time
  • Teaching your kids the proper way to serve fart jokes
  • Watching your kid’s personality develop and influence their unique sense of humor
  • How comedy keeps you emotionally on your toes as a dad
  • Why Aaron and his wife don’t hide their feelings from their kids
  • Dealing with being out of work during the pandemic
  • How difficult the comedy business is
  • How to pivot when unexpected adversity strikes
  • How to deal with the hecklers in your life
  • Having the tools to fight when you’re back into a corner
  • Learning to deal with different people and personalities
  • Turning frustration into comedy
  • Aaron’s OCD Dad-vision
  • His goal to make really good human beings
  • The gift of not needing much to be happy
  • Aaron Kleiber’s motto, “Be Kind, Be Funny”



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Justin Worsham

The Crap My Dad Says with Justin Worsham – GDP025

Episode Overview:

“Don’t take life too seriously…you will never get out alive.” – Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder – 2002)

About Justin Worsham

Justin Worsham is a family man and professional comedian from Modesto, CA. His three albums, “I’m a Good Husband,” “Paternally Challenged,” and “I Love My Kids…I Swear” are featured on Blue Collar Radio on SiriusXM. Justin has also been seen on Comic Without Borders with Russell Peters on Showtime and Played Jimmy Kimmel in Not Another Celebrity Movie. Justin also host a comedy podcast for Dads called “The Dad Podcast” that is featured as one of Stitcher’s Top Parenting podcasts and another podcast for CBS Play.It Network, “Justin is Married Booker is Single.” In addition to his stand up and shows he works as a Voice Over Actor and Producer at KFI 640AM for iHeart Media. He now makes his home in Burbank, CA with his High School sweetheart and their two boys.

Check him out at

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how taking things too seriously can make our journey as a dad unbearable at times

  • Learn how to find the humor in a chaotic situation

  • Comedy can truly improve our journey as father

  • Fatherhood is not perfection

Raising young kids can seem like a house full of drunks

If you think about everyday fatherhood, there are so many situations where we can find humor.  For instance, I have three boys (Ethan 9, Mason 7, and Lawson 20 months).  My wife and I joke at times that raising young boys can sometimes feel like a house full of drunk fraternity brothers.  For example, someone at some point is always missing a shoe.  Someone at some point is always hungry for pancakes late at night.  Someone at some point doesn’t have pants on.  To top it all off, there isn’t a day that goes by where someone isn’t farting in someone’s face and laughing hysterically.  Finally, the way kids can sometimes bluntly announce their state of being:” I WANT CRACKERS!  I’M THIRSTY!!”

Parenting doesn’t have to be all sunshine and rainbows

One of the coolest takeaways from this episode is Justin’s view on how messy and crazy parenting can be at times.  However, on the exterior, we all want to demonstrate that our personal world of parenting doesn’t ever drive us crazy at times.  The reality is parenting is rewarding.  However, there are times where we feel challenged, annoyed, and absolutely defeated.  It’s in those times of annoyance and defeat, we can step outside ourselves and try and find the humor in any situation.  For example, have you ever just listened to your little kids talking to each other in the backseat while you are driving?  Usually the conversation is about farts, poop, burps, boogers…you name it.  While at times hearing that stuff is so annoying and it can be like nails down a chalkboard, you have to admit, there is definitely humor there.  Again…”little drunk people.”

You can use your humor to raise your kids

Life is going to throw even the best parents some crazy curveballs.  For the most part, we can take life and stress so seriously.  Having that mentality is a recipe for disaster.  Justin shares one of the best ways to lighten a serious situation is to simply cracking a joke about it.  At times, it’s better to crack a joke when our buttons are pushed instead of reacting in a negative way.  For example, Justin shared a story with us about a time when he blew out his father’s speakers when he was five years old.  Instead of his dad yelling, screaming, or spanking him; his dad simply said, “You know, you actually had an older brother and sister who did the same thing…you have never met them because I killed them.  So, keep that in mind.”  As crazy you think that comment might be, think of how that comment probably lightened the situation.  Justin’s dad could have reacted in a very negative way.  Spanking, yelling, screaming, etc. could have been the result.

“Think about farts when you are taking a bath!” – Justin Worsham

There are several times throughout the day where our patience is tested with our kids because we need them to do something (whatever that something is) and they have a different agenda.  If we mess with their agenda, we tend to get a pretty upset reaction!  At times, when our kids get upset, we get upset.  When we get upset (yell, scream, and react) we can actually make the situation worse.

However, if we take a different approach and distract them from their behavior, we will usually get a very different reaction when we mess with our kid’s agenda.  For you to really get where I am going with this, check out the audio portion of the show around minute 42:00.  Justin explains this whole situation way better than I can describe it here.

“Don’t take your parenting journey too seriously…you will never get out alive” – Larry Hagner

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  • Twitter Link:  @DadPodcast

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