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Uncover Your Money Type and Pay Off Your Home Mortgage Faster with Jordan Goodman

Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answer Man, is back on the GDP Podcast!

The GDP takes a deeper dive with financial expert Jordan Goodman. Last time with Jordan, he discussed mortgage optimization. This idea basically makes your home mortgage work for you. Instead of paying off your mortgage over 30 years, Jordan Goodman shows you how to pay off your mortgage in less time and save you money. Who doesn’t want that? There was such a great response to our last show with Jordan we decided to bring him back on the show this time to answer some of your questions and help to clarify what mortgage optimization can do for you.


Jordan Goodman Discussing Your Money Type

One of the key questions asked of Jordan is how our relationship with money affects how we go about our daily response to our finances and if mortgage optimization would work for all of us. Of course, understanding your relationship with money is key to determining if a program like mortgage optimization is right for you. Knowing if you’re a squirrel or a high roller (or one of the other money personality types) with money will help determine how you could use this program to help you pay off your mortgage faster and put more money in your monthly pocket.


The Banks Have You Looking the Other Way

Don’t be fooled by the bank idea of what your mortgage should look like. Optimization has been used globally for years and just recently has been introduced in the US. However the idea of allowing your money to work for you rather than your money working for the bank is not something the banks are going to want to inform you of freely. So in this episode Jordan clearly outlines how identifying your emotional response to money as well as your spouses emotional response to money will help determine if this program will work for you and then how to get it started.


Our Money and Our Kids

At the GDP, we know it’s important to show our children how to respond to every situation. We have a consistent message and present guests that help us show up as better people to those who depend on us. This also includes how we respond to our finances and  what are emotional tie  is with money and how we can help our children establish a more positive relationship with money in their future. If we demonstrate a better grasp of making our money work for us rather than the opposite, our children see that habit and are able to replicate it on their own for their own family. What a great gift to give them so that they can have a more positive and healthy relationship with money in their future as well.



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Joel Louis

Creating a Career and Life that Work for You with Joel Louis

Joel Louis on work/life balance, pursuing your dreams, finding your passion in your career, and doing it all while giving 100% to your family…enjoy!

What Joel Louis has to say about being laid off

You’re panicked. You’ve lost your job and you look around your house to see your beautiful family, the home you’ve built with so many memories and now it seems like it might be in jeopardy if you don’t find a new avenue for income. It’s one of life’s curve balls. Yes, you’ve contacted your business network and put feelers out there for job opportunities, but there’s a little ache in your heart because you want to do something more with your life.

So, maybe the job loss isn’t necessarily a negative. Maybe it’s an opportunity to do what you have really wanted to do with your life and your career. Think about it. Even if you haven’t been in the position of losing a job, maybe you simply would like to step out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship.

Now is the time

What do you do to identify what business to start? Find ways to add value and identify a need. Not only will this satisfy your desire to be your own boss, but it will also allow you to create the type of lifestyle for your family. The key is just to start. Even if it’s thirty to sixty minutes a day, work on your business idea to start developing your entrepreneurship. Yes, it may take a few sacrifices (cutting expenses), but in the end, living the life you want is definitely worth the shift.

Become a part of a community

It might help to become part of a community of like-minded individuals (you know, like The Good Dad Project!) that help to push you when you need it. Surrounding yourself with people who think like you builds you up and makes you more successful. Not only that, but it helps when you go through the struggles of building your business or finding that work-life balance to be able to share ideas.  Remember, too, that this is going to take patience. It’s going to take effort every day, not just a bit here and there.

Start your day off right!

So why not start every day off right? Your morning routine will be critical in making sure your dream is a success. Start with what works for you be it mediation, exercise, etc. and then, once you’ve gotten to your office, knock out the most important item on your to-do list. That way, it’s done and everything else is secondary.

Leave your legacy and find your balance

And, of course, the reason you are doing this is for your family. Many times we struggle to make sure we are paying enough attention to both work and our spouse and children. The key is to make your work fit your life. But most importantly, it’s important for your kids to see you continuing to develop yourself. In other words, be there for your kids, but don’t lose yourself in them. In all of this, remember that you are leaving a legacy. Your kids want you to be happy and will learn from you how to find their own happiness through your example. They will learn how to handle life’s curve balls.

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5 fun home activities to do with your kids

5 Fun Home Activities To Do With Your Kids – GDP006

“5 Fun Home Activities to Do with Your Kids” Episode Overview

Larry Hagner and Shawn Stevenson discuss the current staggering statistics of the amount of TV our kids watch on a weekly basis. Larry and Shawn share 5 key strategies to make quality time at home memorable, fun, and interactive without depending on TV.

Listening to this episode will give you ideas that will immediately impact positive interaction with the entire family.

Key Take-Aways

“TV viewing among kids is at an eight-year high. On average, children ages 2-5 spend 32 hours a week in front of a TV — watching television, DVDs, DVR and videos, and using a game console. Kids ages 6-11 spend about 28 hours a week in front of the TV. The vast majority of this viewing (97%) is of live TV.” — University of Michigan study

Larry and Shawn want to help our kids get away from so much solo screen time and to more time making memories with family and interacting in person! They want to help our kids function better in real life and the physical world.

Activity #1: Game Night

A classic family activity. Generally, to have the best game nights, you need to find something that will include everyone and make things fair. Board games are terrific options to play. If you really want to include technology/electronics, then consider using an app version.


  • Sorry
  • Pictionary/Junior Pictionary (great for laughs with kids)
  • Trouble (sound effects add a fun element, especially for younger kids)
  • Catchphrase
  • Scrabble/Junior Scrabble
  • Charades


Activity #2: Create Vision Boards

Vision boards allow you to see the life the you want to create. They can be empowering, especially when they can be seen on a daily basis, since it gets ideas and goals out of a person’s mind and makes them more tangible. By using a poster board with images or words found in magazines or online, you can make a collage of all the things you want to see come to pass in your life. Having a few material things on there are OK, but it’s more meaningful to get away from consumerism and materialism.

Vision boards also give an important opportunity to help instill into your kids the power of service, thinking outside of themselves and ways they can contribute and better themselves.

Reasons why this works well as a family activity:

  • Great for imagination and creativity
  • Creates a creative and interactive fun environment
  • Builds relationships and understanding by providing opportunities for conversation and discussion


Activity #3: Movie Night with Flair

If you are going to have screen time, do it as a family and make it an event.

Here are two tips:

  • Make it into a “picnic movie night”: Include popcorn/snacks or pizza, drinks, and put down a blanket on the floor
  • Choose the movie beforehand so that you’re not wasting time scrolling through Netflix


Activity #4: Create Artwork

Arts and crafts. Pick an activity and get all the supplies before hand. Pinterest is great for ideas!

For example, Larry and his 7 year-old son made Leprechauns this year for St. Patrick’s Day. They made green leprechaun hats and orange beards, and they absolutely loved it.


  • Get washable paints, canvases, and smocks (kids will love this!)
  • Sketching
  • Besides crafts, create other forms of artwork (examples: writing poems or short stories)


Activity #5: Go Outside

Get some of that Vitamin D from sunshine! (Don’t forget the sunscreen.) Take in nature.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a family bike ride
  • Make chalk art on the sidewalk and driveway
  • Play any sport in the backyard (examples: wiffle ball; soccer; catch with baseball/football)
  • Play basketball in the driveway, if you have a hoop
  • Take a family walk
  • Take a family jog

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