How to Boost Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

Episode Overview:

In their BIG 4-0 podcast, Larry and Shawn go even deeper into 3 of the 5 Mountains introduced in episode 28’s interview with Sealfit’s Founder, Mark Divine. Packed with life-changing take-aways, the guys discuss immediately actionable ways to improve your daily life.

Key Takeaways:

The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Mountains of our lives are intertwined. Let’s face it: if our body is out of whack, our mental and emotional states aren’t going to fare too well, either. Easy to say, but working on these Mountains can be a task if you don’t know how to address them. So, take out your pick axe and let’s climb them.

Breathe in, breathe out. Sounds simple enough, but many of us only use 50% of our breathing capacity throughout the day, aggravating our fight or flight response. Feel edgy during the day? It might be the way you’re breathing. Try inhaling deeply (using your diaphragm-you know, that muscle right below your ribcage) for a count of 5, then exhaling deeply for a count of 5. You just might find your stress levels decrease significantly.

As much as we need air, we need sleep. We may think sleep is over-rated, but even The Guiness Book of World Records won’t allow any entries related to sleep deprivation. Yeah, it’s that important. Our bodies truly need 7-8.5 hours of sleep per night, but the quality of sleep we get is just as important. The “magic hours” (as Shawn coins them) are between the hours of 10pm and 2am. This is when our bodies get the most regenerative benefits from sleep. Not convinced? Sleep deprivation is proven to lead to lower testosterone and is directly related to erectile dysfunction. Yikes! The lack of those Z’s can really mess with a guy.

So how do you get that quality sleep? It’s starts the minute you wake up.

  1. Try exercising upon waking; it could simply be a brisk walk.
  2. Get your room as dark as you can (in other words-no iPad time in bed)

How you start your day is just as critical as how you finish.

  1. Begin with 20-32 ounces of water
  2. Think about 2-3 things you are grateful for
  3. Spend a couple minutes a day deep breathing
  4. Adopt a positive mantra like, “I got this”
  5. Dirt drive your day-what do you want to accomplish?

Once your day’s going, how do you deal with your stress and emotions? Keep in mind that your emotions don’t define you; they are simply felt thoughts. The trick is not letting them control you. So, create some space to shift your mind-set. Is this a reactionary emotion? If so, think about what the best course of action would be in the situation. What is going to lead you to victory in that moment?

Ahhh. Finally, the end of the day. Sometimes we don’t have the best days. Even on our worst, we should take some time to reflect on the top 3 things that really made an impact. If you didn’t have the best day, what are 2 things you learned from that day? This mind set helps to get us to appreciate the epic moments and learn from our not-so-stellar times.

Happiness-we have 40% control over this (50% from genetics and 10% circumstance). So take the 40% you can control and direct your focus on what brings you happiness now-don’t postpone it!
Part of your happiness resides in your relationships with others. Biologically, we view isolation as a threat. Let’s say you have a disconnect with your spouse. Your mind sees this as a biological threat. In order to overcome this, look at the 3 pillars of an emotionally healthy relationship: Accessible, Responsive, Engaged (ARE). ARE you there in these ways? See? Knowing how to use the skills you already have in your arsenal will help you climb your everyday Mountains. Of course, there are 2 more that need to be addressed in more depth, but we’ll climb them another time.

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Jon Vroman Ep 39

Uncover Your Front Row Factor in Your Relationships, Career, and Life

Episode Overview:

How engaged are you? Larry and Shawn speak to The Front Row Factor for Dads with Jon Vroman, award winning speaker, host of The Front Row podcast, and chairman and founder of The Front Row Foundation about being in the front row of life: yours, your kids, those you love. Jon recounts his courageous life choices and explains how you can take an active seat in life’s front row.

Key Takeaways from The Front Row Factor for Dads with Jon Vroman:

You’re enough. Those words are powerful. Right here, right now, you are everything you need to be in this moment. The world needs you to be the best version of yourself instead of trying to be something you really aren’t. So, how do you do this? Define your front row.

Who is in your front row? Think about it. Your inner circle supports you and cheers you on in your life; that’s how important that front row is. At the same time, are you in the front row of those who are most important to you (your kids, your significant other)? Are you present? See life from your kids’ perspective and think about how they see you. Put yourself in your kids’ world and vie life from their perspective. Be in their front row. This is the Front Row Factor for Dads with Jon Vroman.

This also means being flexible and engaged. Life can throw you plenty of curve balls, but if you are flexible and engaged, you are better equipped to take those challenges in stride. You’ll find you grow and evolve and be the best example for your kids by demonstrating these qualities.

Being in your kids’ front row shows them you are their biggest fan. You have earned a right to be in your child’s front row, so take advantage of that privilege.

The front row demands that you take action and be courageous in your life. Whatever you are impassioned about or have longed to do are only going to happen if you take the lead. And your children are watching the choices you make and how you make the most out of life’s opportunities.

If you have a seat you don’t like, change it. If you have a seat you can’t change, adopt the philosophy that this seat is the best seat in the house. Choose to make the most of the seat you’re in.

Do you choose to play it safe in life or do you choose to take the risk and see what happens…down in front?

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How to connect with your spouse

5 Ideas On How To Connect With Your Spouse – GDP003

“5 Ideas on How to Connect with Your Spouse” Episode Overview

Larry Hagner and Shawn Stevenson share five ideas on how to connect with your spouse. They discuss some of the common challenges of marriage and how to overcome them with easy strategies.

Key Take-Aways

Intimacy gets lost when we get too busy and don’t make the time to truly connect with our spouse. The best way to connect with her/him is through communication, having a real conversation. Larry and Shawn discuss some of the common challenges of marriage and how to overcome lost connection and intimacy with five easy strategies.

The Problem: Limited Time to Connect

We have limited time in the day to connect with our spouse. We have demands of work, homework, extra curricular activities with kids, our health, hobbies, quality time with our kids and family.

At times, there is very little time to connect during the day. We can be exhausted from the day. We burn the candle on both ends. We “check out” when we get home. When we don’t make time for our spouse, we can potentially lose our connection. We lose intimacy.

Idea #1: Go on Once a Month (or More) Dates

Couples who do not take time with each other one-on-one can lose their connection. Your dates have to be something that gives you a platform where you can communicate and catch up. You should be in a situation where you will be able to hear each other and hold a conversation.

One suggestion would be to have Date Night more than once a month. Another suggestion would be to have an annual Date Day, where you spend the whole day and evening together. A third suggestion would be to have a mini date night or day, where you spend a few hours together. You could go out to dinner or just hang out together doing something simple.

Here are some tips to have a successful Date Night or Date Day:

  • You must schedule it.
  • Book a babysitter.
  • Make reservations for dinner at your favorite place.
  • No movies, concert, or plays: It must be interactive between the two of you.


Idea #2: Take 10 Minutes Every Day Before Bed to Catch Up

This time is sacred. Before bed may be the only time you and your spouse have to really connect with one another by having a meaningful conversation. A huge driving force for women, especially, is to be heard. There is something special and transformative about lying in bed together and having real pillow talk.

Here are some tips to have a fulfilling 10 minutes:

  • Ask open ended questions: What; When; Why; How. The more questions your spouse can answer without simply answering “yes” or “no”, the better.
  • Hold hands or physically touch (ex., give a backrub/massage) during your conversation.
  • No TV, iPad, or phones during your 10 minutes.

Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series) wrote a book called The Success Principles. In his book, Jack mentions that he and his wife share five things they appreciate about each other every night before bed.

Verbally acknowledge 3-5 things you appreciate about each other. Feeling significant is a human need, and hearing those things are powerful.

Idea #3: Talk or Text Throughout Your Day

Communicate on a daily basis or throughout the day. Call or text during the day to “check in” and let your partner s/he is in your thoughts. A useful tip would be to keep your interaction lighthearted and make your spouse laugh or make your spouse feel appreciated. Long-term happiness is related to gratitude and appreciation.

A suggested number of times is at least three times per day. We generally eat three times a day. Why not take some time there to communicate with our life partner?

Here are two helpful suggestions when talking/texting:

  • Make it a point to communicate via text or phone call to pay a compliment about something specific.
  • Don’t just give a simple “l love you.” The communication has to be something with more thought and specifics. Why do you love your spouse?


Idea #4: Pay a Genuine Compliment at Least 3 Times a Day (For 1 Week)

This strategy ties in with Idea #3: Talk or Text Throughout Your Day. Be aware of your spouse and her/his needs.

Of course, feel free to pay daily genuine compliments for more than just one week. One week is simply a good starting point to help turn the act of paying a genuine compliment into a positive habit.

Here are two important guidelines when giving compliments:

  • It has to be something specific.
  • It must be something important, empowering, and impactful for your spouse.


Idea #5: Choose to Love Your Spouse

The first 90 days or so of a relationship are linked to primal chemistry, the initial stage of the honeymoon phase where flaws are commonly overlooked. Love is more than a feeling. To really love someone is to make a purposeful choice.

Learning to love is a skill. Love is a practice, something you have to cultivate and take care of in your relationship. You have to take loving your partner upon yourself by making love a study. Learn from examples of others whose relationships who are more than happy and who you admire. Read books and seek out advice.

Choose to look at your spouse with gratitude and appreciation. Choose to be positive and have a happy perspective. Choose love.


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