How to Become the Master Lover

How to Become the Master Lover with Intimacy Coach Elisa Popescu

Warning: Dads, this episode is explicit. Make sure you’re not with the kids while listening. 

Today, we are going to talk about how to become a Master Lover.

After we get married and have kids, we step into the role of dad. Our wives go into mothering mode, and we lose the all-consuming passion that we felt in the beginning of the relationship.

50% of couples are dissatisfied with their sex lives.  2/3 of couples feel they don’t have sex often enough. Why is it so hard to keep the excitement and attraction going?

Elisa Popescu is an Intimacy and Relationship coach and the creator of The Master Lover Program. She is going to tell us the 5 Core Needs of a Woman and how we can use them to ignite our wives’ sexual energy. She also identifies the 5 Core Needs of Men and how being aware of them will help us take the lead and get back to that primal bedroom experience we crave.

Don’t miss this hot show that will revolutionize the sex lives of both husbands and wives!

Elisa Popescu

Elisa Popescu is an Intimacy & Relationship Coach, teaching men how to bridge the gap between Sexuality & Spirituality and create deeply satisfying relationships with their women, through her V.I.P. Program for Men “The Master Lover” & her popular 90 min Intimacy Breakthrough Session.

Elisa`s gift is to arouse your mind & Soul and help you reconnect to your inner wisdom, sensuality and ability to let loose, in a world that puts so much pressure on us.

Her love for people and education has lead Elisa to create The Shameless Academy, an unapologetic educational platform where through her podcast, videos, coaching & events she hopes to plant more seeds of Shameless Wisdom within every open mind.

Being sexual and spiritual have the same power and importance.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why we become uncomfortable or feel we’re lacking in a monogamous relationship
  • How to think about your intimate relationship so it will thrive:
    • Believe that your intimate relationship is a divine gift
    • Understand that it is the most painful and rewarding process of growth
    • Realize that it’s the purest reflection of the relationship you have with yourself
  • Why our relationships are so satisfying in the beginning, but dwindle as time goes on
  • The stages of a relationship
    • The honeymoon phase – when we are more open to satisfying our partners’ needs
    • Moving into together – when we begin to discover each other’s flaws
    • Blending in with each other – a long-term relationship where a couple must co-create a life together
  • How to use the ‘love bank’
  • Complacency doesn’t mean your spouse doesn’t care. The focus shifts on family
  • The man becomes the protector and provider
  • The woman becomes nurturer instead of lover
  • 5 Core Needs of a Woman:
    • Affection
    • Intimate conversations
    • Honesty and openness
    • Financial support
    • Commitment to family
  • How fulfilling these core needs will help a woman open up emotionally and sexually
  • 5 Core Needs of a Man:
    • Sexual satisfaction
    • Relaxing company
    • Physical Attraction
    • Peace and Comfort at Home
    • Admiration
  • How men who are not connected to their emotional needs act from their lower selves
  • How the sexual dynamics change depending on the role we take. When your wife sees you as dad, she steps into mom mode.
  • Why it’s important to get away to a hotel or different location other than home to reconnect sexually
  • How to flirt and court in a way that your woman will be receptive to
  • Why you should encourage your woman to become mysterious to you—push her to follow her passions, take trips on her own, and spend time with her girlfriends. Who was she? How did she spend her time before she met you? Help your wife create space between who she is as a woman and who she is as a wife and mother
  • Why you shouldn’t try to hide your woman for yourself. You have to allow her to shine.
  • Why sometimes women just need to be dominated sexually
  • What cues women give off for a man to know when it’s time to be primal
  • How to do something different physically to break monotonous modes and patterns
  • If your woman is depressed or irritable, sometimes the giving her sex is the answer. Don’t wait for her to ask for sex. It will put her in a masculine role.
  • Being sexual and spiritual have the same power and importance
  • Awareness is the key to everything. Be aware of both your needs and keep them all in balance.

You can’t revive the chemistry in the same space you lost it.

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Elisa Popescu





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How to Boost Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

Episode Overview:

In their BIG 4-0 podcast, Larry and Shawn go even deeper into 3 of the 5 Mountains introduced in episode 28’s interview with Sealfit’s Founder, Mark Divine. Packed with life-changing take-aways, the guys discuss immediately actionable ways to improve your daily life.

Key Takeaways:

The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Mountains of our lives are intertwined. Let’s face it: if our body is out of whack, our mental and emotional states aren’t going to fare too well, either. Easy to say, but working on these Mountains can be a task if you don’t know how to address them. So, take out your pick axe and let’s climb them.

Breathe in, breathe out. Sounds simple enough, but many of us only use 50% of our breathing capacity throughout the day, aggravating our fight or flight response. Feel edgy during the day? It might be the way you’re breathing. Try inhaling deeply (using your diaphragm-you know, that muscle right below your ribcage) for a count of 5, then exhaling deeply for a count of 5. You just might find your stress levels decrease significantly.

As much as we need air, we need sleep. We may think sleep is over-rated, but even The Guiness Book of World Records won’t allow any entries related to sleep deprivation. Yeah, it’s that important. Our bodies truly need 7-8.5 hours of sleep per night, but the quality of sleep we get is just as important. The “magic hours” (as Shawn coins them) are between the hours of 10pm and 2am. This is when our bodies get the most regenerative benefits from sleep. Not convinced? Sleep deprivation is proven to lead to lower testosterone and is directly related to erectile dysfunction. Yikes! The lack of those Z’s can really mess with a guy.

So how do you get that quality sleep? It’s starts the minute you wake up.

  1. Try exercising upon waking; it could simply be a brisk walk.
  2. Get your room as dark as you can (in other words-no iPad time in bed)

How you start your day is just as critical as how you finish.

  1. Begin with 20-32 ounces of water
  2. Think about 2-3 things you are grateful for
  3. Spend a couple minutes a day deep breathing
  4. Adopt a positive mantra like, “I got this”
  5. Dirt drive your day-what do you want to accomplish?

Once your day’s going, how do you deal with your stress and emotions? Keep in mind that your emotions don’t define you; they are simply felt thoughts. The trick is not letting them control you. So, create some space to shift your mind-set. Is this a reactionary emotion? If so, think about what the best course of action would be in the situation. What is going to lead you to victory in that moment?

Ahhh. Finally, the end of the day. Sometimes we don’t have the best days. Even on our worst, we should take some time to reflect on the top 3 things that really made an impact. If you didn’t have the best day, what are 2 things you learned from that day? This mind set helps to get us to appreciate the epic moments and learn from our not-so-stellar times.

Happiness-we have 40% control over this (50% from genetics and 10% circumstance). So take the 40% you can control and direct your focus on what brings you happiness now-don’t postpone it!
Part of your happiness resides in your relationships with others. Biologically, we view isolation as a threat. Let’s say you have a disconnect with your spouse. Your mind sees this as a biological threat. In order to overcome this, look at the 3 pillars of an emotionally healthy relationship: Accessible, Responsive, Engaged (ARE). ARE you there in these ways? See? Knowing how to use the skills you already have in your arsenal will help you climb your everyday Mountains. Of course, there are 2 more that need to be addressed in more depth, but we’ll climb them another time.

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