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No Excuses Fatherhood with Wes Watson

This show is explicit, and it will be offensive to some listeners. But the message is important. Today’s guest is Wes Watson, and he is not going to sugar-coat his advice. Prepare to hear a lot of f-bombs.

Wes Watson is an ex-convict, motivational speaker, and is the founder of personal coaching firm, Watson Fit, which aims to liberate people from mental prisons to help them achieve their health goals and beyond.

Today, Wes talks about his journey from penitentiary to personal development. He reveals the mindsets and vices that are keeping us stuck. He also teaches us how to exercise self-discipline, practice constructive self-talk, and commit to behaviors that will transform us into the men, husbands, and fathers we want to become.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start investing in yourself?

What You’ll Learn

Loyal Family


Wes appreciates his family’s loyalty. He is especially grateful for his dad and his work ethic. He adapted from his father how to be committed in anything that he does.

Inspiration as a Life Coach


Wes believes in the saying that “acquire what we admire.” His dad inspired him to be the man he is today, to be a hard worker, and to have a large physique.

Work Ethic


People are what they eat. However, there is a misunderstanding about how to allocate the macronutrients in one’s body properly. Wes’s aim in his program is to help people understand the correct macros. Everything is a test of purpose over pleasure. Therefore, Wes makes sure that there is a deep intention through diet exercise to mindset training.



Wes’s aim is for fathers to develop their internal attributes and knowledge with their own intensity and delivery as role models to their children.


Despite Wes’s dad being a hard worker, Wes always felt that they were struggling financially, and his parents weren’t able to conceal that aspect. That’s why Wes felt the need to come up with a way to earn money to pay the bills.

Emotional and Mental State


Foster the body and mind through self-help books and apply quotes to everyday situations, especially in difficult ones.


Reflect as you project while cultivating yourself with a high self-love level and self-worth to see others’ love. Stay diligent and structured as your weakness comes through.

Changing one’s mindset


Wes is a firm believer in reading quotes to change the stream of consciousness. 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class is his go-to reads to develop his mindset.


Seek personal growth by giving up on bad vices, be grateful every day, and focus on putting everything into what you do every day. Find something you love more than your bad habits.


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Embrace the Past to Win Your Future Mark Crandall

Embrace the Past to Win Your Future with Mark Crandall

What is the story you‘ve been telling yourself over and over again that keeps you from stepping into the best self you can possibly be?

Mark Crandall is a Transformational Life Coach, host of the Purpose Chasers Podcast, and the author of Embrace Your Past Win Your Future: The Difference Between Being A Victim and Playing One. He was not a dad at the recording of this episode, but he will likely be one when it airs.

Mark has tremendous insight as a son who was abandoned by his biological parents and a man who is about to step into his role as a father.

Mark tells us how to:

  • detect and debunk self-limiting beliefs
  • change the toxic story you have about yourself
  • keep pushing through fear
  • resist the temptation to fall back into a destructive mindset
  • stop playing small and step into the role of the hero of your story

Get ready to win your future!

The men that you have around you, you will become.

Mark Crandall

“Mark’s is a story of uncommon adversity and triumph. At age three, Mark was taken from his biological mother by the Department of Youth and Families and placed in the foster care system. He lacked the tools and supports to manage both his grief and his new reality in society’s margins. From the pieces he conjured stories about his own worth. At around age 12 Mark began contemplating whether or not to just give up.

He began to engage in criminal activity, acting out his aggression at the expense of those closest to him and society at large. Mark began to self-medicate with substances; thus began his spiral into painful, chaotic addiction. Mark found himself in and out of youth detention centers and other correctional facilities. Though, even in his lowest moments, Mark recognized what others saw: There was greatness in even him.

In 2007, Mark found a spiritual program of action in which he began overcoming the many traumatic moments of his childhood. He also began the process of repairing the damage that he had caused others through his efforts to navigate life. Mark found freedom in an introspective process which informs his Transformational Life and Business Coaching and drug and alcohol Interventions. Mark is trained in some of the most powerful transformation practices available, all of which he uses in his work with others.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Mark’s estimate that 95% of society operates from a victim mentality
  • how society is coddling victims
  • how Mark was able to abuse drugs during his entire stay in prison
  • how Mark quit drugs and has stayed clean for 12 years
  • his longing for his biological parents to this day
  • the huge impact Mark’s adoptive father made in his life
  • how to keep growing and moving forward when your demons rear their ugly heads
  • why community is the key to staying on track
  • how to notice when we’re resorting to outside sources to feel adequate
  • why in reality, no one lacks motivation. They only lack belief in themselves to carry it out
  • the real reason we don’t invest in ourselves
  • how to strip everything you know about yourself and build a new story from scratch
  • how to chose to not to play the victim
  • why there are no such things as barriers, limitations, and judgements outside the ones you create in your own mind
  • why the “I already know” attitude prevents your from learning
  • why Mark as a dad wants to be constantly humbled so he can admit his faults and be a transparent, authentic dad


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