Budget for Your Goals Jesse Mecham

The Easy and Effective Way to Budget for Your Goals with Jesse Mecham

Do you wince when you hear the word budget? It’s about as painful as the words diet or jail, but if you don’t budget for your goals now, you will never be able to enjoy life to the fullest and neither will your family. The majority of families are living paycheck to paycheck. Minor emergencies quickly send most people into debt. It’s no wonder that money issues are the number one cause of divorce.

Jesse Mecham is our guest today. He is the founder of YNAB (You Need a Budget) and is here to share his no-nonsense takeaways that will help you effortlessly budget money for everything you need and want in life. This show will outline the easy and effective way to budget for your goals so that you can live with less stress and make the most of the money your work so hard for.

You can call (a budget) whatever you want. But at the end of the day, you’re just saying 'what do I want my money to do for me?'—Jesse Mecham, founder of @ynab #finance #familyfinance #savings #debt #debtfree #money Click To Tweet

'I wanted to be a little bit in people’s face about the fact that they need a budget.'—Jesse Mecham, founder of @YNAB #budget #dads #fathers #men #family Click To Tweet

Jesse Mecham

Jesse has been married for fifteen years and has six kids! That’s right, three boys and three girls. With this size of a family, it’s no surprise he is passionate about budgeting.

Back when Jesse was still in school before finishing his masters in accounting, he and his wife Julie struggled to get by. What gave them their solid foundation and a good trajectory was that they knew their non-negotiables. Julie’s was to stay at home and raise her children. Jesse’s was to never, ever borrow money.

Jesse knew that in order to finish school without borrowing any money, he’d need an extra $350 a month to cover expenses. This vision didn’t change for a while, but these first steps to helping people budget were the beginnings of what YNAB is today.

'Once we transform our effort and time into currency, we don’t give it the attention it deserves.'—Jesse Mecham, founder of @YNAB #business #finance #work #money #savings #budget Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn

  • The ‘YNAB’ budgeting methodology
  • What it means to ‘give every dollar a job’
  • How to discover what your true expenses are
  • How to be proactive instead of reactive about money
  • How a following a budget reduces stress and benefits your health, work, and relationships
  • Why not having enough money is almost never an income issue
  • The wrong ways couples go about money
  • How to deal with a spouse who is resistant to a budget
  • Why checking your bank balance is a poor source of information on your financial situation
  • YNABs revolutionary budgeting app
  • How the YNAB app relieves dads from being the bad guy who always have to say ‘no’ to spending
  • How budgeting can end up being fun
  • The huge monetary rewards of budgeting
  • What’s next for YNAB
  • Jesse’s dadly advice as the father of six kids!

YNAB. You Need a Budget

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pay off debt

How to Pay Off Debt and Create Financial Security for Your Family with Jeff Bouwman

60% of parents have at least three forms of debt with the average household debt being around $33,000. Do you fall into this bracket? How do you get out?

Jeff Bouwman is a CPA. financial advisor, a husband and a dad to three little girls. He has just released his book, Your Income, Your Life and is on The Good Dad Project to tell us his experience of achieving what most Americans would consider a successful life, but was, in reality, a stressful financial black hole. Listen to how he got out of debt, quit his corporate job, and now enjoys the life he was truly meant to live.

What appears to be success from the outside is not necessarily a happy life on the inside. Jeff Bouwman spent most of his life following the path he thought he was supposed to take. He excelled at school, graduated from college, and worked hard to provide for his family. Jeff earned more and more money each time he moved up the corporate ladder. He also spent more and more money, buying stuff to fill a void that could never be filled. When he and his wife started a family, they built their dream home and racked up a 100 K debt.

Jeff was unhappy and full of anxiety. He felt pressured to work harder and would put in 60-70 hours per week to maintain the lifestyle he and his family had become accustomed to. He was rarely home with them, and when he was home, he was not emotionally or mentally present. When he was at work he felt guilty for not being with his family. When he was with his family, he felt guilty for missing work.

One night, for the first time in their whole marriage, he and his wife finally sat down to talk about money. They reviewed their family budget and discovered where they were throwing money away. They made some changes to the way the spent and saved money and reduced the cost of their lifestyle. Jeff noticed that because they worked on it together, the budget didn’t feel like much of a sacrifice.

With a little discipline, they saved thousands in payments and interest and paid off 75% of their debt in less than a year. They also began an emergency fund, which allowed Jeff to free himself from his demanding job and take 9 months off to be with his family.

Jeff Bouwman now works for 50% less income, but is happier and gets to spend time with his daughters every day. He discovered that consciously managing money as a team brought his family closer. His book, Your Income, Your Life, shows you how to define how much money you truly need to live the life you want, how money is about choice, and that money can be a catalyst to improving your relationship with your family.

Jeff’s Amazing Offer

Jeff is committed to helping other families get out of the same financial trap he was in, and is so intent on his mission, he’s giving away copies of Your Income, Your Life to anyone who wants one. Send an email to and he will send you a FREE digital copy of his new book!



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Money and Working Together as a Family

Money and finances is responsible for over 50% of the divorces in the US today.  To be honest, money is not at fault.  What is at fault is how we manage money as a family.  The question becomes: “How we can we control money vs. money controlling our family?”

Open Communication about Finances

To be successful as a family unit and manage money properly, we must have an open-line of communication with our spouse and kids.  Literally, being able to talk about money openly can be one of the best things we can do for the health of our marriage.  Running our family and a household like a business is critical to success.  We have to be able to identify cost and expenses vs. income.  Also, it helps if we can identify expenses in our life that are a “want vs. a need.”


Managing Family Money with a Weekly Meet Up with Our Spouse

Every single week my wife and I will talk about our bills.  We sit down and do a quick recap on money spent the previous week and what is coming up for the remainder of the month.  We also keep track of what we spend in several different categories (mortgage, groceries, utilities, car, clothing, etc).  When we have reached the limit on one category, we are done for the month and no more spending (with the exception of necessities – we won’t let our kids starve! LOL!)


Choose Who Will Do the Bills

In our house, we have tried several different ways to manage the monthly cash flow.  For us, when we both did the bills there were too many chefs in the kitchen.  Plus, my wife doesn’t have the emotional tie money that I do.  Meaning, she is great at not getting stressed when it comes to cash flow.  To be honest, I get very stressed when it comes to seeing money going out.  So, I am not the person who should be doing the bills.


Thanks for checking out this week’s Five Minute Thursday on MONEY!


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