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How to Raise Strong, Confident, Resilient Girls with Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten is retired UFC Heavyweight Champion and three-time King of Pancrase world champion. He’s a regular on TV, has also appeared in movies, and even makes a cameo in the Grand Theft Auto video game.

It’s hard to believe that Bas Rutten, also known as “El Guapo” or The Handsome One, suffered extreme eczema and asthma during his childhood. He was bullied on a regular basis in his native country of Holland. One day when he was on vacation with his family in France, he snuck into the movie theatre to see Enter the Dragon. Bas knew that if he became like Bruce Lee, the bullying would stop. This sparked a passion for martial arts that took him through a glorious career and taught him many life lessons he would pass on to his three daughters.

How to raise strong girls

Learn to say “no”

Bas admits to being a sucker for the sad look he gets from his girls when he refuses to give into them. But it’s important to put your foot down. If they know they can influence you early on, they will never take you seriously in the future. Bas’s parents instilled good morals and work ethic in him. If he wanted something, he had to work for it and started delivering newspapers and washing dishes at a very young age. He has done this with his daughters as well.

Don’t lose your girls to social media

In this world of Instagram and Snapchat, it can be challenging to get your daughters’ attention. Bas Rutten says that it is important to connect with your daughters on social media. This might seem daunting for those of us who didn’t grow up with social media, but Bas says fathers must evolve with technology so they are fully aware of what is going on.

Bas also knows that being obsessed with social media diminishes the present moment. When you’re taking a video of the moment instead of absorbing it with all your senses, you don’t experience it fully. You’re not likely to watch the video again anyway, so he teaches his family to put the phone down and disconnect.

Be consistent

If you give your daughters multiple warnings and they still fail to meet their obligations, you must follow through with the punishment you decided on. Bas recalls one time when he warned his daughter that if she didn’t finish her homework, he wouldn’t allow her to go to prom. She didn’t finish her homework, and even though it broke his heart to do it, he stood his ground and did not allow her to go to prom. It wasn’t an easy lesson, but it changed everything. Bas says, “If they don’t take you seriously, they won’t take life seriously.”

Teach them to speak up

Girls are taught to be quite and submissive. “If you set yourself up for being bullied, you’ll get it,” Bas says. The best way to teach daughters to be strong is to show them how to project confidence. If someone speaks the them or treats them the wrong way, teach your daughters to speak up. They must say something right away before others think they can get away with treating them that way.

He also says girls need to stand their ground when it comes to relationships. They should project what they expect, maintain their independence, and not cave into their partner’s wishes all the time. It’s important for them to establish this behavior from the beginning so that they don’t become the weak person in the relationship.

Have fun with life

Although Bas struggle with his health problems throughout his childhood, he didn’t feel sorry for himself. It actually made him more optimistic because he knew there were people even worse off than him. He also developed a great sense of humor to cope with and compensate for the ostracization he suffered from his peers. Bas considers his childhood curses a blessing. His experiences shaped him and after the challenges he faced as a kid, his life is easy now. He feels it’s important for daughters to be strong and disciplined, but it’s also important to remember to have fun. Life goes by quickly and no one knows how much time we have.

Bas Rutten’s Parting Piece of Dad Wisdom

Bas recalls how he surprised his daughter with a puppy by coming up with an elaborate trick. A small effort and a little ingenuity on his part created and unforgettable memory for her. Make memories with your kids. Do a little more to make an impact.


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Secrets of the Navy SEALs mindset - courage, confidence perseverance and resilience

Secrets of the Navy SEAL Mindset: Courage, Confidence, Perseverance and Resilience

In this episode, I talk with retired Navy SEALs, Eric Davis and Larry Yatch, about how we normal dads can apply the Navy SEAL mindset to develop Courage, Confidence, Perseverance and Resilience.


The Navy SEALs are the most elite warriors on the planet. Eric Davis and Larry Yatch worked together as SEALs and known each other over 16 years. They now teach the SEALed Mindset proven performance principles and will share some amazing tactics and formulas so we can become better men and open ourselves up to greater opportunity in life.

Eric Davis

Eric Davis served our country as a U.S. Navy SEAL and decorated veteran of the Global War on Terror. Eric has been recognized as one of the premier sniper instructors in the U.S. military and has served as a Master Training Specialist at the SEAL sniper school in Coronado, CA. Since departing from the SEAL teams, Eric has worked in corporate performance, sales and leadership training bringing an unprecedented amount of innovation, efficiency and structure to the domain of business and personal performance. Eric is the author of “Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs learned from their training and taught to their sons”.

Larry Yatch

Larry was determined to follow a path to the military elite ever since 3rd grade when he first saw Top Gun. He eventually spent 10 years as an officer in the Navy SEAL teams after graduating with an engineering degree from the United States Naval Academy. His service to our country ended when Larry was critically injured in the line of duty and medically retired from the Navy SEALs. Larry is experienced with managing high-performing individuals and building high-functioning teams. He believes the most important team you’re on is your family


Navy SEAls routinely execute missions in life or death scenarios. They don’t have the luxury of giving into fear. If they’re not successful, they are dead. Our modern life situations are not so critical, but managing fear and self-doubt can mean the life or death of your dreams for you and your family.

We men always question ourselves. In stressful or uncertain situations, we go to our default emotions and make decisions based on fear. If we can know how to build confidence and overcome fear, not only can we learn to become more and more confident and resilient, we can give our children the tools to do the same.


The common understanding of courage is to be fearless enough to do something crazy, like jump out of a plane. However, Larry Yatch explains that courage is not an absence of fear. Courage only exists in the face of fear. Most of us feel fear is a negative emotion, that being scared means we are weak, but we can think of fear as an opportunity to show courage and gain confidence. Fear is simply a cue to exercise an action.


Confidence is developed when we repeatedly exercise courage to conquer fear. It’s not born, it builds like a muscle and gets stronger every time we believe we can do something we’ve never done before. Our confidence multiplies each time we learn, practice, and gain experience.


We can also teach ourselves perseverance. The more we learn how to regulate our mental, emotional, and physical reactions, the more resistant we are to giving up, and purpose and passion can drive us to accomplish anything.


Courage, confidence, and perseverance make us more resilient. Knowing we have the ability to exercise courage, move forward despite fear, draw upon our confidence, and persevere, no matter the obstacle, the more mentally, emotionally, and physically resilient we are to the challenges in life.

The SEALed Mindset and Parenting

Eric Davis and Larry Yatch created a simple toolbox for men and fathers to gain control over fear and become empowered by reacting with science and strategy. Learning how to lead, follow, and manage the family you’re in is critical to your success in life. None of us gets handed instructions when we have kids. The SEALed Mindset is a manual on how to build effective character, not only to be effective yourself, but to be a reliable leader to your family and a father your kids can depend on to help them turn fearful situations into building moments.

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Have More Confidence and Overcome Any Obstacle

Overcome Obstacles with relentless determination!  In this episode, I go over three critical ways to develop more confidence, more self-esteem, and more emotional resiliency!



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