Porn Detox – The Truth Will Set You Free with Ted Shimer

Ted Shimer

Ted Shimer, author of the Freedom Fight, is a 30 year veteran of a National Collegiate Disciplinary Ministry who has helped thousands of young individuals in their pornography addiction. His book The Freedom Fight is also a no-cost internet program that uses the power brain of science to outgrow porn and heal from the addiction.

In the early 2000s, Shimer witnessed firsthand what pornography does to not only married couples, but to young adults as well. After the rise of the iPhone, becoming addicted became an even easier feat amongst millions of individuals. Countless studies have been conducted that state the detrimental effects of pornography in relationships, marriages, and even children. Shimer uses a faith-based approach in talking about the effects of porn and how it draws us further and further away from the truth of God’s word and His will for our lives. In order to deepen our connection with God, we have to repress those sinful behaviors and replace it with healing behaviors such as an accountability partner or connecting with the Word of God.

In our society, men tend to justify porn by stating that it’s not as bad as doing drugs or drinking heavily. However, addiction is addiction no matter how you swing it. The impact of pornography on husbands and fathers has been known to cause divorces two to three times greater than if there was no porn involved. There has to be a point where you admit that you have an addiction, then find the right people and resources to help you outgrow the addiction.

What You’ll Learn: 

Pornography in Young Adults


In 2007, Ted recalls he started learning about the pornography problem in America. After the iPhone came out, the struggle for ministering to young, vulnerable men became a much more difficult challenge.

Accessibility of Pornography


The accessibility of pornography in today’s society is exponential compared to 30 years ago. Smart devices have allowed pornography to become a lot more prevalent. 

How Pornography Impact Families


Deny. Minimize. Rationalize. We can be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin and we need to recognize that. 


Pornography impacts our spiritual commitments. If somebody is using porn, that person is less committed to their spiritual disciplines.


Sociology Professor Samuel Perry conducted a study that found that if either the husband or wife started to watch porn, the couple was two to three times more likely to divorce. It brings less relational connection to your significant other and your kids. 


Shame is a huge part of pornography and it can lead parents to avoid talking about spiritual things with their children because they are ashamed. There is a direct correlation between watching porn and the person’s involvement in their church, as discovered by Dr. Perry. 

The Birth of an Addiction


When a person watches porn, the brain releases a significant amount of dopamine. An addiction is birthed when a person starts using that high to medicate the negative emotions they have. 

How Porn Affects the Intimacy Between a Husband and Wife


The porn industry tries to sell porn to married couples by stating that it adds sizzle to their relationship. However, the problem with porn in marriages is that it may bring a sizzle in the beginning, but it eventually dies out and creates a strain in the marriage. 

Solutions to the Addiction


When you repress one behavior, you have to replace it with another in order to break the addiction. There are six roots to a pornography addiction that have to be addressed if the person wants to achieve freedom.


You need to build a new pathway that is connected to God’s word, an accountability partner, escaping the situation, etc. When you are triggered, you need to move toward God and others. 


You don’t just quit a porn habit. You have to outgrow a porn habit. You have to renew your mind.


Before God’s truth sets us free, it changes us. Because it changes us, the freedom lasts

What Does Detox Look Like?


Detox is asking the question, “What do I need to do to get radical about removing temptation?” It’s not enough to just have behavior modification and take these steps. Our hearts need to grow in our conviction for personal holiness as well. Holiness isn’t a list of rules, but rather pursuing what is God’s best for me. 



Recognizing that the first step to healing is confession and coming out of the shadows. Moving from the shadows to the light is where healing begins.


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