Uncovering the Truth About Anger with Peter Sacco

Most men struggle with anger daily. Our tempers flare at work and at home with our wife and kids. Some of us are like Bruce Banner. Some of us turn into the Incredible Hulk. Canada’s psyche doctor, Peter Andrew Sacco tells us the secrets to where anger comes from, how to manage it, and so much more. You don’t want to skip this mind-blowing episode!

We are full-time workers, dads, and husbands. As men, it’s sometimes hard to control our anger. Discovering what type of temperament we have will help us find better ways to manage our anger, improve our relationships, and set an example for our kids on how to deal with their emotions too.

Peter Sacco

Peter Sacco, author of What’s Your Anger Type? is a psychology professor, a former private practitioner and is a regularly featured guest on television and radio. He is also an award-winning executive producer and has hosted many documentaries on relationships, psychological issues, and children’s issues. Peter Sacco has done extensive work in support groups and in anger management, especially with dads who are abusive towards kids and spouses.

Anger is a normal

Anger is a normal emotion. It’s how we deal with it that can be destructive.

Anger makes a person seem more authoritative and powerful, but the truth is that people with an anger problem actually feel they have no control in their lives. A lot of this aggression comes from unresolved issues in childhood and from shame or rage from being rejected as a kid.

Anger can be addictive

Anger is like a drug. When a person gets incensed, they experience an adrenaline rush. Being angry gives the sensation of dominance and control. It overpowers the fear that lies beneath it and gives a person a sense of power because it’s a stronger emotion than depression.

Is there hope for men with anger issues?

Some men who’ve come from a chaotic childhood feel doomed. They believe they’re broken and can’t be fixed. But Peter Sacco says there is tremendous hope for people with anger issues, but they have to do the work.

“You’ve got to want to be the change in your own life”

The Anger Cycle

Just like a soldier who has experienced PTSD, a person with a traumatic or abusive past might cope with unresolved emotions in different destructive ways. Some may use drugs and alcohol, some might vent their rage on certain races, others will withdraw or play the victim.

“Today’s catchers are tomorrow’s pitchers.”

A person who has anger issues will be more likely to take it on one his family. If your relationships fall apart and your work life is full of turmoil, the common denominator is you. It may be time to seek help.

Anger and bullying

Bullied kids lack self-esteem and confidence. They suffer from anxiety and depression. Some overcome it through counseling and become normal. Some cope by learning to be helpless and withdraw. Others develop a superiority complex and become bullies themselves, using aggression, rage, or passive aggression on others.

Why Kids are Suffering from Anxiety and Depression

Parents spend 2.5 to 6.5 minutes talking to their kids each day. In this small amount of time, the communication is usually corrective or punitive. It’s not at a deep intimate level because parents shy away from intimacy from their kids. ADHD has gone up. Divorce rates have risen. Peter Sacco believes it’s this lack of intimacy that’s more responsible than toxins in the environment or ingredients in food. Communication is the key.

Tips for improving communication with your kids

  1. How to start the conversation – If you feel uncomfortable speaking with your kids, find a situation where you’re most comfortable. Dinner is the best and most traditional forum for families to talk. Sit at the table. Make your kids accountable. Every day, ask them to give five things they’re grateful for. Then tell them to talk about one or two things they didn’t like. This will open up communication.
  2. Don’t start out questions with WHY – “Why” pushes someone in a corner. Be a facilitator, don’t treat kids as miniature adults. Don’t say why was your day bad? Say, if your day could go anyway you wanted, what would that be?
  3. Be more creative with questions – Do not be so direct. Maybe some things they’re facing will come out.
  4. Make yourself the go-to guy – Fathers are the breadwinners, and many feel that as long as they provide for their children, they’re doing their job as a parent. Most dads will plan adventures or bond over sports, but these activates focus on the event, not the father/child relationship. Dads should sit down with their kid and ask, “I’m Dad and you’re my child – let me ask you a question. What do I mean to you as a father? How do you see me? The all-knowing problem solver? Nagger? Coach? Disciplinarian? Teacher? How can I be a better dad?”
  5. How to talk about bullying – Kids won’t talk about being bullied because they’re afraid their parents will be ashamed of them. If you suspect bullying, don’t think that nothing’s happening and wait for it to go away on its own. It will wreck a child’s self-esteem. It’s crucial for kids to know that bullying happens in all walks of life. There is nothing to be ashamed of and that they can talk to you about it.

When Dads Get Angry

Even on our best days, our patience will run out. Peter Sacco says that the best way to communicate anger is to tell your kids you’re not feeling well. Tell them you just need a few moments. Instead of making it worse, treat anger like you have an upset stomach or like you’re going to vomit. You don’t want to talk about it. You want to be left alone. You’re not lying by saying you’re not feeling well because anger is a feeling. In a half hour, the emotions pass, and you’ll be in rational mindset to talk.


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Create an Unbeatable Mind, Body, and Become Sealfit with Mark Divine

Mark Divine will make you challenge yourself. This is the consistent message of Mark Divine, founder of SEALFit, author of Unbeatable Mind and Kokoro Yoga-Warrior Yoga. Right now, you are capable of more than you are right now. Mark Divine continues to prove this with countless client success stories; the GDP’s own Larry Hagner is living proof.


Physical and Mental Fitness

Mark Divine been with us before. In our previous interview with him, Mark talked about having an Unbeatable Mind through a mission, vision and power statement (this sounds familiar because we’ve incorporated it in quite a few podcasts!). In this episode, Mark expands the conversation to the physical aspect. One does not outweigh the other, as a matter of fact, mind, body and spirit are one in this practice.


What in the WOD are you talking about??

Coming from his Navy SEAL background as well as his own research, Mark has developed a physical program that is both mentally and physically challenging. The beauty of the program is it can be customized to every fitness level. Based on an idea similar to CrossFit, Mark’s SEALFit program combines the intensity of a CrossFit program with the mental focus of yoga. Worried about injuries associated with CrossFit programs? Mark’s got that covered, too! He’s put in safeguards, mentally and physically, to help you stay injury-free.


Take Your Game Up a Notch

So, maybe you are already in great shape or you simply want to find a workout program that fits your busy schedule. Mark’s program is sustainable and meets every experience level. And that guilt about taking time for yourself (remember, we had this conversation last week)? Turn that guilt to viewing this as a way to make yourself the best version of yourself in order to serve others. This is a message we continually drive home: you cannot show up as your best self if you do not take care of you first.



JOIN US FOR FOR THE SEALFIT 2oX on June 24th at Vail Lake, CA HERE.  Use “GOODDAD10” for the coupon code and save 10%

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Jack Canfield

Reflections with Jack Canfield

I recently had the honor of interviewing Jack Canfield one-on-one for an hour.  I have to tell you it was one the most inspiring interviews I have done to date.  For those of you who don’t know Jack Canfield, he is one of the most successful authors and success coaches of our time.  He known world-wide for his Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and his Success Principles Series.  His books have reached the lives of over 100 million readers and his inspiration is reaching more people every day.


Before I did this interview, I only knew Jack Canfield as the successful person he is today.  I have often heard the quote: “When you see a successful person, we usually only see the tip of the iceberg.  We usually don’t see all the hardships, failures, and challenges these people have gone through in their lives to get where they are today.”  After spending an hour with Jack, I can tell you I was shocked to hear about his challenging childhood with alcoholic parents, the number of times he was rejected for “Chicken Soup for the Soul” (144 rejections), and that he earned a C+ in writing at Harvard.


Below are just few takeaways I learned from spending just 60 minutes with Jack Canfield



Jack had a very difficult childhood raised by a father who was an alcoholic. The cool thing about Jack Canfield is that he used his childhood as an example of what he didn’t want to be as an adult. The main point is we have people in or society that live in two camps.


Camp #1- Those of us who leverage challenging times to fuel our future success.


Camp #2- Those of us who use our backgrounds for excuses as to why we are not successful and never will be.


So my question to you guys is: “WHAT CAMP DO YOU LIVE IN?”


If you are in camp #2:  Congrats because you have made an awesome choice on the path to an empowering life versus a victim mentality life. If you are in camp #1:  it’s time to re-evaluate your life and ask yourself better questions. If you are in camp one…go back and listen to Episode 28 with Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine on HOW TO CREATE AN UNBEATABLE MIND. That episode will give you a solid foundation on how to forge mental toughness and become resilient.



Jack got a “C+” in writing at Harvard and was always told he was an “average writer.” Jack is now one of the most successful authors of our time. Had he listened to his professors at Harvard and didn’t move forward with his passion to tell stories, our generation would not know the Jack Canfield we know today and he would have never had such a positive impact on the world. S


So, my question to you is: “WHAT HAVE OTHER PEOPLE TOLD YOU ABOUT YOUR SKILL OR PASSION THAT YOU HAVE BOUGHT INTO?”  What if for a minute you no longer bought into those labels?  What if you decided to step into your greatness?  What would be the worst that could happen?  I grantee 2 things are certain:


  1.  If you failed you would be no worse off than you are right now.


  1. If you decided to pursue your dream, whether you failed or succeeded, you would not live a life of “I wish”. Pay Flynn has a great quote that really hits this home which is…”I would rather have a life of “oh-wells and not a life of I wish I would haves.”



Jack was rejected by 144 publishers for his first “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Book. Let that sink in for a second…144 rejections. How would you feel about your purpose/passion if you were rejected 5 times, 10 times, 50 times, or even 100 times? What if Jack Would have thrown in the towel at the 143rd rejection?  The cool thing that Jack Canfield mentioned is that he would have self-published no matter what. It’s empowering to have a backup plan and know you will move forward even if it’s on your own when no one else believes in you.  The lesson here is to fail forward and not give up. Each time we fail there is a life lesson, we learn, and we move forward.


Guys, thank you for tuning in to our new segment – Five Minute Thursday’s. The goal of this mid-week podcast is to give you the powerhouse cliff notes of the week, to kick start your weekend, and ultimately to empower your life. Guys make sure you head to to get several free resources. Also make sure you grab a copy of “The Dads Edge” on Amazon. It’s an easy read and has become a bestseller.


See you next week with a powerhouse guest!  Up next week have Jason Mackenzie with The Book of Open, we also have Joe De Sena, founder of the Spartan Races and NYT BESTSELLER of SPARTAN UP. FINALLY also have professional UFC fighter Frankie Edgar also coming up in a few weeks.


Guys have a great weekend and live your life with purpose and without regret!

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Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson on Fatherhood and Overcoming Childhood Obstacles

In this intimate look into the life of Shawn Stevenson, one half of The Good Dad Project Podcast, Shawn shares the reason he is so passionate about fatherhood and being part of this wonderful program. This successful author, entrepreneur, health and wellness expert (not to mention being “audio velvet”) takes us behind the scenes into his upbringing and the challenges he faced that brought him to achieve his best version of himself.

“Great men create great people.”
-Shawn Stevenson TWEET THAT

We Choose Our Response to Any Challenge

It’s the old adage: do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Yeah, it’s a cliché, but there’s a reason it’s overstated. We can’t determine what life circumstances we are born into, and we certainly can’t control how others act or how they treat us. But, we can ultimately control the way we respond to our environment or how we choose to live despite our upbringing. We can choose to be victims, or we can choose to dictate our own future. We can choose to look at that glass and see the opportunity, or we can see that we are running out of liquid pretty darn quickly.

In Shawn Stevenson’s case, growing up in a chaotic home without his biological father may seem like an ideal situation to wallow in self-pity. But for Shawn, it isn’t. Shawn just wasn’t going to let his childhood circumstances define his life. So what makes Shawn (and others like him) choose a different path?

Lesson One: Reflect What Your Children Should Value

For Shawn, much of his inspiration came from his grandmother. She propelled Shawn to love learning, giving him the motivation to do well in school. Shawn’s grandmother taught him that learning can, in fact, be fun. From there, Shawn learned to value education, continuing all the way into his college career.

Lesson Two: Adopt a Grateful Attitude

Throughout Shawn’s young life, he did continue to face challenges: getting kicked out of school for fighting as well as having his first child in his teens. Despite this, Shawn was able to graduate from high school with solid grades and move on to college. Again, through all of these continued challenges, Shawn chose to take the positive path. He finds himself grateful for his upbringing and the challenges he faced; he credits them for his successes.

Lesson Three: Be Motivated by Your Kids

As parents, we will never be perfect. Scratch that, as humans, we will never be perfect. That’s ok.

But when we show up for our kids, whether we are blessed to be with them every day or if it’s every other week, we teach them to become the “best version of who they can be”-Stevenson.

Shawn says, as dads: “Great men create great people. Great men help to create a foundation that starts to eliminate so many of the problems that we have out here with our society.”

What your kids see and what they are taught is how they will reflect themselves into the world. So, yeah, you can be a victim of your circumstances (glass half empty), or you can take what life has given you, look at it as a gift and use it to propel yourself and your kids (glass half full).Being a dad isn’t about being perfect (no one is), it’s about showing up, being your best version, so your children can be their best version.

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parenting style

How Your Childhood Can Affect Your Parenting Style And Learning “The Order Of Man” With Ryan Michler – GDP017

How Your Childhood Can Affect Your Parenting Style And Learning “The Order Of Man” With Ryan Michler – GDP017

Is it possible to be a good dad even if you grew up in a fatherless environment as a kid?


Is it possible to learn a positive parenting style for your own kids even if your own father was abusive or struggled with an addiction?


Episode Overview:

In this episode, Larry and Shawn interview Ryan Michler, father of 3 and founder of “THE ORDER OF MAN.”  Ryan’s background is very unique.  He grew up virtually in a fatherless environment for most of his childhood.  During the time his father was present, he struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction.  Ryan shares with us how he struggled with he first became a father 7 years ago.  Ryan openly admits, “I felt like in the beginning I was kind of a jerk…but I knew I wanted to give my kids better than what I had growing up.”  Ryan never had a drug or alcohol problem, but struggled with not knowing exactly how to be a dad with his own unique parenting style.  Like so many of us who didn’t have a positive father figure growing up, we can struggle with knowing exactly what to do.  However, there are dads who take action and decide to make a conscious decision to be better.  Ryan shares some of his insights and what he has learned since he has launched the ORDER OF MAN website, community, and podcast.


Ryan knew that he wanted to be a father who would provide emotional support, physical affection, and to be a strong foundational leader for his wife and three kids.  When his first son was born seven years ago, he knew it was time for a positive change in his life.  He decided to take action and implement strategies to ensure he would live a life of being the dad he wanted to be.


Ryan shares whom we spend time with will make a huge difference in the dads we become.  “If we surround ourselves with people who are positive role models in our lives, we will strive to give that same value to others around us.  “Surrounding ourselves with other dads who have a similar mission to be the best version of themselves is critical to our own successful parenting style.  We become who we surround ourselves with.”


Another great strategy that Ryan shares is making sure we are 100% with our kids while in their presence.  In our busy modern worlds, it is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life.  We can easily become so distracted by our devices, electronics, and work that we forget that our children truly just want our presence and attention.


Ryan has a great passion by not only improving himself, but he also has a desire to help others.  Not long ago, Ryan decided to start a website, a blog, and a podcast in the hopes of helping other men improve their lives and mission as well.  The Order of Man is founded upon 11 pillars that are the foundation of his mission. Those pillars are:  Career, Charity, Community, Faith, Family, Finances, Intellect, Leadership, Manly-Skills, Relationships, and Self-Mastery.  Coming soon, he will be launching an online course with the intent to help dads become their very best.

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