brad lea

The Hard Way with Brad Lea

In this episode, we are excited to talk to Brad Lea, the founder of Lightspeed VT, the most advanced interactive training platform on the market. He is a soon-to-be billionaire and the host of the Dropping Bombs podcast. Brad is also the author of the Real Deal and has a new book coming out, The Hard Way. He’s also been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and is a regular guest on several top-rated podcasts.

Brad talks about how he blew it as a father and how he’s leveled up as a parent, raising his daughters to be strong, confident women. He tells us how to build confidence and shift our mindsets by accumulating knowledge. He also talks about how to rack up wins to replace old patterns and crush self-sabotage and procrastination once and for all!

Brad Lea learned the hard way in business, marriage and fatherhood. Take advantage of the wisdom bombs he drops in this podcast!

Brad Lea

People call Brad “The Real Brad Lea” because he keeps it real no matter what. He is a successful businessman and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT, a global leader in web-based training and communication platforms with headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. Brad is continually striving to enhance the technology to better serve his clients.

Engaging, authentic and dynamic, Brad is passionate about helping people succeed. In fact, he’s created the Dropping Bombs podcast to help people succeed in Life and in Business.

He’s dropping bombs on a wide-range of topics that educate, inspire and deliver results. Brad’s bombs are explosive strategies you can leverage to obliterate any obstacle getting in the way of your personal or business success. Listen to the Official Brad Lea Podcast for exclusive content, success strategies rooted in real-life experiences and stories from the front lines. Brad’s dropping bombs. Listen up or run for cover!

What You’ll Learn

A hobby that brings joy to Brad


Usually, Brad likes to chill out. His off time is literally spent chilling, not thinking, not deciding, and not doing much. Brad also loves fishing.


His favorite sport growing up was football and baseball.


Brad’s advice to his 18-year-old self


His advice would be to start reading voraciously on a regular basis, non-fiction, self-help books—read, read, read. And then the next advice would be don’t worry about what other people think and invest money more wisely.


Game changer books for Brad

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. How to Win Friends and Influence People with Dale Carnegie. Think and Grow Rich.




His dad was the kind of children-should-be-seen-and-not-heard type of dad. Their parents got divorced when he was two. Their mom got left with all of the kids. She put four of them in a foster home and kept the brand new baby, which was his little brother.


His father didn’t come to any sporting events. He didn’t give Brad many life lessons. He let his kids figure things out for themselves.


Being left alone, nobody loved Brad. Nobody gave him any affection, but that is what taught him the most. It taught him how to survive. It taught him how to fend for himself. Resourcefulness is what his father taught him by leaving him alone.


He’s glad he grew up the way he grew up because he believes that’s why he is the way right now. He’s very resourceful. He can survive anywhere. He can do anything. It builds confidence and self-worth to where you’re not afraid.


What Brad learned early on that changed the game for him as a father


Brad teaches them to be independent, creative, resourceful, and kind. That’s the main thing. Just be a good person.


Things Brad learned about how to operate within his marriage


A lot of times, we tend to forget that our wives are our partners. Trust and communication are the backbones of any relationship.


People in a relationship where there’s flirting and there’s cheating and there’s alcohol-fueled rages, you’re not being a good dad. The right dad would respect himself and his wife and/or partner and their children and do what’s best for each.


If you’re not happy where you’re at, then you have to change what you’re doing. And in order to do that, you have to change what you believe. And in order to change what you believe, you have to enter new information into the equation. You cannot have new beliefs with the same information.


Everybody deserves love. Everybody deserves respect. Everybody deserves to be in a good relationship. And a good relationship is based on communication and trust and respect.


The rhino symbol on Brad’s book “The Hard Way” 


The rhino symbolizes just being hard to stop, being unstoppable. But at the end of the day, the book is about lessons.


Brad wrote the bool to share lessons of his life that are going to really help people turn their life around and accelerate.


There are so many people out there that are trying to be something they’re not or they’re afraid to be who they are in fear of the judgment of others. So if there’s one most valuable lesson, it’s be yourself. That’s when you will find true happiness.


How might we best do that without it sabotaging us?


First, you have to make a commitment to do so because otherwise, it can backfire. Spend some alone time and get real with yourself. You start out by forgiving yourself for all the bullshit and the procrastination and the nonsense you’ve put yourself through and others. Second, you got to commit to do what you say you’re going to do. Number three, you rack up the wins. You have to replace all of those memories, all those years of lies, cheats, steals, let downs, you have to replace them.


Tactics in his daily life


Gratitude is a magical ingredient that most people don’t understand, but if you are grateful, that is the most critical part. So every morning, Brad wakes up, trains himself to do it. Puts a sign on his wall that said, congratulations, you get another day. Then he focuses on four things:

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Money
  4. Seeking knowledge


Focus on those four things every single morning and that will start to build confidence. You’ll start to become a little bit more knowledgeable. You’ll start to shift your beliefs. You’ll start to grow as a human being, and you’ll start to reach that potential that everybody has.


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Aaron Walker

Working to Live, Not Living to Work with Aaron Walker

Can we live a life of purpose and still make a living to support our families? Can we do the work that we love and still be profitable? The answer is absolutely YES, and Aaron Walker from View from the Top is here to tell us how.

Aaron Walker

This is Aaron Walker’s second time on the Good Dad Project. You may remember his awesome episode The Ultimate Guide to Work/Life Balance way back in November 2015. For those of you who don’t know, Aaron Walker is a hugely successful businessman and life coach who has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher.

Aaron values his time spent with family and friends. Sharing the past 36 years with his lovely wife Robin has been nothing short of spectacular. His two fantastic daughters and champion son-in-law have given Aaron & Robin five beautiful grandchildren. When time allows, Aaron enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and is an avid reader.

Aaron Walker grew up in a dirt-poor family. They lived in a $6,500 house, which they eventually lost to bankruptcy when alcoholism took over his father’s life. His parents would fight about drinking, and to this day, Aaron despises alcohol. His mother gave his father an ultimatum: either quit or she and the kids would leave. Aaron said his father loved his family more than drinking. This helped his father to quit and turn the family around. Aaron says his dad was his best friend, and they hunted and fished together every day of his life. Still, Aaron wanted to make more of himself, and he did. He was so successful, he retired three times.


Aaron admits that even he gets down and depressed. This is why we all need to have people around to encourage us and help us up. Sometimes we need people to slow us down. Sometimes we need people to speed us up. We need wise counsel. This is why Aaron has been doing mastermind groups for 20 years.

Isolation is the enemy of excellence.


Aaron says that being positive is a choice. You can choose to be optimistic about circumstances, or pessimistic. You can lead a life of significance, or a life of ambition. Aaron knows from experience that chasing material things won’t satisfy you like you think it will. What matters most is people.

We work to live, we don’t live to work.

Build Boundaries

Aaron sets strict boundaries to make sure his life stays on track. He doesn’t allow women to connect with him on social media. He doesn’t get into a car or dine alone with women. This is a foolproof way to keep his marriage safe, but these boundaries need to be set in all areas of your life. What do you value the most? What do you wish to protect at all costs?

Whatever those boundaries are for you, set them.

Source of Energy

Joy and enthusiasm come through Aaron’s voice whenever he speaks. Aaron has a deep faith in God and he says he draws his energy from his worship. He reads scripture every day and is highly involved in church activities.

Aaron also suggests the following tips to protect your energy levels:

  • Make time to read.
  • Stop watching news, it’s not healthy.
  • Listen to music, blogs, podcasts, Ted Talks.
  • Choose what you put in your mind.
  • Choose the people you spend time with. Are they positive influences?
  • Choose who your kids are around.
  • Choose the mindset to set yourself free.

Dad Wisdom

One of the most important boundaries we as dads can set is to not allow anything to intrude on our time with our kids. Most dads get home and think they should use that time to send ten more emails, or call five extra clients. Aaron says to turn it off.

Don’t’ squander your kids’ time growing up.


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better man

How Your Tribe Will Make You a Better Man with Ryan Michler

Ryan Michler is the creator of the Order of Man Community and Podcast, which teaches men how to live with purpose, achieve self-mastery, and create a legacy. Today he tells why it’s important for men to become part of a tribe and how that tribe will help you become a better man.

Ryan Michler and the Order of Man

Ryan Michler’s father left when he was three-years-old. His first step dad was an alcoholic, and though he wasn’t abusive, he was not present as a parent. His second stepfather was successful, but emotionally abusive, controlling, and manipulative. Still, Ryan didn’t didn’t know what a good dad was supposed to be, so he didn’t know what he was missing. It wasn’t until high school when he saw how his friends’ dads’ behaved that he became aware of the void in his life.

This lack of a father caused Ryan to suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem issues. He wanted to be liked and accepted by everyone and changed himself to fit in. After his first marriage failed, he endured the darkest time of his life. He knew he wasn’t operating like a man should. This convinced him to go to work on improving himself.

Now Ryan Michler has been married for twelve years and is a father of four kids. As a dad who grew up without a true father figure, he saw a huge need for learning about what it means to be a man. He started Order of Man to form a tribe of men who can learn from each other and support one another.

Why do men need a tribe?

Women are there for us in a nurturing way, but sometimes we tough love and the insights of other men who have gone what we’ve gone through. Men get emotionally attached to their situations and decisions, it’s difficult to look at our own problems objectively. We need a third-party perspective to give us advice when our thoughts and feelings are clouding our judgement.

How does a tribe work?

Men are raised to be self-reliant and wary of people. We hate to expose our weaknesses or admit when we’re not on top of everything. A tribe is a safe place to share fears and worries about subjects we don’t normally talk about. When we’re going through a time of uncertainty and weakness, we can turn to those with the qualities we’re lacking and learn from them. When we’re feeling strong in life, we can help others by sharing how we’ve overcome a similar experience.

How do we find a tribe?

Operating in packs is how men thrive. To be strong, we need to tie into other people, but it’s up to us to seek out a tribe and be consistent. Ryan suggest dipping your toe in the water. Look at your immediate circle. Who is doing well in areas you’re struggling with? Ask for advice where you see strength in others. Share something light and then build on that. You can also start by joining an online tribe like Order of Man and The Good Dad Project.

Ryan Michler’s Parting Piece of Dad Wisdom

Don’t ever use your kids and family as an excuse not to take care of yourself.

This sounds selfish at first, but it’s actually the most unselfish thing you can do. If you’re constantly draining yourself, you won’t have the mental or physical energy to be a good dad or husband. Begin burned out all the time will build resentment and put a strain on your marriage.

Ryan recommends carving out a time to get together with other men doings something you enjoy. Schedule it in advance. Communicate it to your wife and family so they are in on it you won’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself. He also says it won’t work if you just go through the motions. Give your attention fully to the activity so you’re invigorated and mentally restored when you come home. Then you’ll have refilled your tank so you can serve others again.


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jim sheils

How to Magnify Your Presence with Your Kids with Jim Sheils

What if you treated your kids with the same respect as you would your biggest business client or investor?

Jim Sheils is a real estate investor and the author of The Family Board Meeting: Is Business Success Hurting Your Family? He is also the founder of Board Meetings International, which offers retreats and online tools to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs forge lasting bonds with their kids.

The tradition started when he and his co-founder, Brian Scrone, got together to surf with friends and joked it was a “board” meeting. Soon it became clear that these trips were about more than just surfing. The camaraderie and support of their surf tribe soon became their deepest source of strength and wisdom. Soon, many of them began to bring their kids along.

As Jim traveled the world for entrepreneurial events, he noticed that many professionals were having a difficult time being successful while maintaining a connection with their families. Even before he became a father, Jim decided to help business owners and professionals make groundbreaking improvements in their relationships with their kids and developed the system he will share in this episode!

What is a board meeting?

A family board meeting is a pre-scheduled 4-hour minimum chunk of time spent with your child every 90 days.

Why every 90 days?

A 90-day period is enough space for deepening and reflection, and it gives ample time for anticipation to build for the next board meeting.

Rules of the board meeting.

  • It must be scheduled like an official meeting that cannot be pushed aside. This ensures you will be consistent and your child knows that they are your highest priority.
  • It must be one-on-one. Being alone with your child with magnify your presence. This time spent together goes much further than the chaos of the whole family being together.
  • Electronics are forbidden. Electronics help us in many ways, but in this instance, they will hurt us by pulling us out of the moment. It will feel awkward at first, but you must disconnect to reconnect.
  • Let your child chose the activity. Allow your kid to design the day. Don’t drag them to something they don’t enjoy.

Jim Sheils recommends ending the day with a focused reflection Ask your kid what he or she liked about the day. Let them talk as much or as little as they want. When you set up time with your child in this format, they remember it clearly, and these special moments become pillars in the relationships.

Jim Sheils’s parting piece of dad wisdom.

Most dads are driven to succeed and provide for their families. We go so fast that we sometimes lose track of the people we love along the way. Is it possible to achieve a balance between family and business?

Jim Sheils always thinks of a simple line Sonny Corleone says in The Godfather. When it comes to choosing between business or family, “I guess business is going to have to suffer.” It doesn’t mean you give up on your business, it just means you put it in its place, and Jim has noticed that he actually performs better and makes better decisions when he keeps focused on what’s most important to him.



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how to love a spouse with cancer

How to Love a Spouse with Cancer with Gene Villeneuve

Gene Villeneuve shares his experience with the very difficult subject.

Today on the Good Dad Project, we have Gene Villeneuve, a successful business man who lives in Paris with his wife and two daughters. Last year, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and they have endured 11 months of emotional exhaustion as she has undergone treatment.

It’s more than likely we’ll all watch one of our loved ones facing a deadly illness during our lives. Gene talks about dealing with the pain and uncertainty of watching a spouse go through cancer treatment while keeping his career in balance and still being a good dad to his kids.

Three things he said were crucial to helping him know how to love a spouse with cancer.

1. Create a community of support.

Husbands of cancer patients tend to feel isolated and alone, but you will also need help. Just because you’re not the one with cancer, doesn’t mean you don’t need support.

2. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

Self-care might feel selfish during this time, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t be strong for your family. Exercise, good rest, and downtime are needed to restore your mental and physical reserves.

3. Listen to what your spouse needs.

As men, we might have a tendency to worry about filling in the practical gaps, like the keeping up with dirty laundry or washing the dishes in the sink. But in reality, a spouse with cancer is frightened and worried. They need to express themselves, and you need to listen to them on deeper level. Then you can love them in the way they need to be loved during this time.

Gene says he now loves his wife more than ever. He says facing a situation like this makes us realize the things we may have taken for granted. We must ask ourselves, what are the things most important to us? What can we do to show that appreciation?


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