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F*ck Your Feelings with Ryan Munsey

Today’s guest is the author of F*ck Your Feelings, Ryan Munsey. He is a speaker, coach, and the host of the Better Human Project Podcast. He tells us how to recognize our feelings, understand them, and look at them from an objective point of view. He teaches us how to remove emotions from the equation and act on our values instead. He also talks about reframing frustrating situations so that we can make the right choice in our behavior and become the leaders our families need us to be.


What Happens When You Take Away Your Kids’ Devices

We had Cam Adair on The Dad Edge for the past two episodes to talk about how devices affect our brains and what we can do to mitigate unhealthy habits when it comes to our digital lives. Cam’s interview inspired me to make some changes in my own home when it came to devices. Listen to what happens when you take away your kids’ devices and how it can change your family life for the better.


Ultimate Mastery of Your Emotional State with Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf

Emotions like fear and anger lead to shortsightedness and poor decision-making. How can you gain ultimate mastery of your emotional state?

Andy Stumpf is a former Navy SEAL who executed hundreds of combat operations all over the world. He is now a sought after public speaker and the host of the Cleared Hot podcast. Andy is an avid base jumper who holds the world record for having flown more than 18 miles in a wing suit. He is also a dad.

Listen to his amazing story—from the Navy SEALs, to base jumper, to father—and how he keeps his cool through it all!