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Triumphing Through Dark Times: Exclusive Dad Edge Alliance Q&A with Chad Robichaux

Today we have Chad Robichaux back on The Dad Edge Podcast. We had such a powerful response to his first show with us, that we invited him to The Dad Edge Mastermind for a live Q&A session with our members.
Chad talks about triumphing through dark times. He shows us that no matter how hopeless and depressed we feel, there is always a way out with the right mindset, tools, and support.


The Truth About Your Kids and Technology: Exclusive Dad Edge Alliance Q&A with Cal Newport

We’re just beginning to understand the impact of the internet and smartphones on society. The long-term effects technology has on our kids’ wellbeing and development is even more alarming, leading to mental health issues and addictive behavior.

Today we have a fascinating conversation with our previous guest, Cal Newport, the author of Digital Minimalism. He joined our Dad Edge Alliance Mastermind to answer questions from everyday dads about kids and tech.


How to Help Kids with Anxiety and Depression – Exclusive Dad Edge Alliance Q&A with Natasha Daniels

Today, more parents are raising kids with anxiety, depression, and OCD but have no idea how to cope. Judging by the downloads on our shows about anxiety and depression in kids, this topic is in high demand. Natasha Daniels answers questions about different behaviors including panic attacks, strange phobias, drug abuse, and more.