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Dad Edge Alliance Q&A: Video Game, Porn, and Social Media Addiction with Cam Adair

We had Cam Adair on last week to talk about the epidemic of gaming disorder. This topic is so important and we as a society are just beginning to understand the implications. And it’s not just video games. Pornography and social media can alter our brain chemistry in the same destructive ways. We asked Cam back to do a live Q&A session with the Dad Edge Alliance so real dads could share their concerns about raising kids in the digital age.


Dad Edge Alliance Q&A: Allowing Your Kids to Have Their Feelings with Chris Sajnog

If we want to learn to be emotionally resilient, genuine dads, who better to learn from than the most elite warriors on the planet? Today we have a clip from a Q & A in The Dad Edge Alliance with a recent guest, former Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog. He talks about the importance of allowing kids to feel their emotions and gives an example of his real life experience with this challenge as a father.


Critical Fatherhood Skills

You do not have to be a victim of you past. You can learn to pivot and become stronger. Today’s guest proves it.
Everyday dad and Dad Edge Alliance member Christopher Wilson grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father. He never knew what a normal, healthy family was supposed to look like.
Chris shares what he learned from his difficult childhood, how he deals with his own patience and anger issues, and the critical fatherhood skills he uses to make sure his home is a happy one for his wife and kids.