Being a Dad is one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of a man’s life.
However, if you are doing it on your own and/or sharing the time with an ex…it can be significantly more complicated. You are faced with so many challenges as a single father. These challenges range from: sharing limited time with your ex, getting used to your ex’s new significant other, getting the kids used to your significant other, constant changing of holiday traditions, making the limited time with your kids extremely impactful and positive…the list is endless. So, if you are a single dad and you have landed on this page…YOU ARE AWESOME…and I want you to know that! You are not just a Dad…but a Dad that desires to be his best and search for answers. This page is just for you! This page is full of critical information that will make your job easier and more enjoyable.

parenting after divorce

A Dad’s Guide to Parenting After Divorce with Evan DeMarco

How can you be the best dad after your marriage fails? What can you do to use post-divorce life as an opportunity to grow into the best version of yourself? Today’s show is a dad’s guide to parenting after divorce.

Evan DeMarco is the host of the Single Parents Daily and the Complete Human podcasts. Evan tells his harrowing story of his parents’ divorce, and how his father kidnapped him when he was a toddler. He reveals how his abandonment issues led to his own divorce, forcing him to confront his issues. Evan gives divorced dads tips to reclaim their true selves while also giving married and dating dads insights on how to develop and keep the relationship they have or begin a new one.

This show is gets real, so get ready to face some hard truths.

Single Parents Daily

There comes a point when every single parent says “I can’t do this.” The catalyst for this declaration can range from an overwhelmingly large pile of laundry, to not being able to pay the rent, to seeing your child attach to an ex’s new significant other. Being a single parent is one of the hardest single things any one person can do. But, it is also one of the most rewarding. As two parents who have navigated painful divorces while trying to maintain business and most importantly, be the best parents to our children, we recognize that our moderate success is a result of the tools we developed and the people that we surrounded ourselves with. We invite all parents to join us on our journey of Single Parenthood, where we discuss everything from how we learned to deal with our exes and navigate dating while having children. Our hope is to share these tools in a way that helps all single parents raise happy healthy kids who are prepared for a successful future as well-adjusted adults. We are not experts on single parenting, if there is such a thing. We are two parents struggling to do our best. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we succeed. But always are we two parents who love our kids more than anything and are excited to share our journey as Single Parents Daily.

Mia and The Go Away Monster Spray

Mia’s got a problem― she’s got a monster living in her closet and that’s not going to fly with her. Mia enlists her dad to help her get rid of it once and for all. Together, Mia and her dad brew a magic potion called the Go Away Monster Spray. The recipes vital ingredient is a single strand of Mia’s hair. Can Mia and her Dad concoct the potion and banish the closet monster?

What You’ll Learn

  • Even though 50% of marriages end in divorce, there is tremendous stigma for divorced parents.
  • Men screw up so many relationships because we don’t know how to be vulnerable. We are not allowed to own our feelings.
  • Trying to make everyone happy results in not being true to yourself anymore.
  • How to move past the victim mentality and finger-pointing
  • Refocus on who you want and need to be.
  • How to collaborate as parents after divorce
  • Advice for married guys who come from divorced backgrounds—get comfortable with being vulnerable and get comfortable with yourself. Not everyone has to like you or agree with you.
  • The grass is greener where you water it. Don’t look for another relationship. Feed the one you have.
  • In marriage you have to be yourself. Don’t sweep stuff under the rug. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with your partner in a respectful way.
  • Look at the stuff you’re not okay with and find a way to fix those things.
  • We can always bring new things into an existing marriage.
  • The idea of “you complete me” is wrong. Both partners need to be complete people.
  • Give yourself space to respond. It’s okay to go to be angry.
  • Set a deadline for when you will resolve a discussion.
  • Make time for fun and play in your relationship. Find what makes you happy together and do it more often.
  • The Divorce Bucket List –Make a list of things we did not do for ourselves when we were married.
  • Creating an Individual and Married Bucket list.
  • You don’t need to find someone to find value in life. It’s okay to be single.
  • Evan’s goal is to raise 2 million dollars with his children’s book for Operation Underground Railroad, whose mission is to stop human trafficking. You can help by buying his book, Mia and the Go Away Monster Spray.


The Savage Gentleman with MMA Fighter Josh Tyler

How to Fix Your Unhappy Marriage with Seth and Melanie Studley

Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Their Needs Met

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How to Make Your Wife Fall in Love with You Again and Again with Spencer Burnett

How to Make Your Wife Fall in Love with You Again and Again with Spencer Burnett

Why would we bring on a dating coach when most of our listeners are married? If we’re not mindful in our marriage, it will fizzle out. After so many years with the same person, we get comfortable, complacent, and lazy. Whenever we do try to do something new, our wives may reject us and we shut down.

Today we have dating coach and relationship expert Spencer Burnett on the show to talk about how to make your wife fall in love with you again and again. He shares his secrets on pursuing a woman confidently and from a place of service for better communication, intimacy, and attraction.

Married, divorced, and single dads will walk away from this show with a game plan for the relationship they want with the woman they truly desire.

'A good woman makes a good man great.'—@SpencerBurnett #men #dads #marriage #dating #relationships Click To Tweet

Spencer Burnett

It’s Spencer Burnett’s mission to help men embody the best version of themselves so that they can attract and keep the women they truly desire. His journey began when he was a successful guy with everything going for him. All he needed to complete his life was the girl he always dreamed of, a girl he had been close to for years. Spencer assumed she shared the same feelings for him, but when he finally professed his love to her, she told him she thought of him as a really, good girlfriend.

He was completely blindsided. Being friendzoned so harshly turned his world upside down. He wondered, what was he doing wrong? Spencer realized he was going along with what he’d been told by society to attract the woman he wanted, but it was a lie. The old alpha male persona wasn’t working. Spencer spent the next ten years trying to figure out how to stop impressing and start connecting with women. Now he is ten months into a new relationship with a woman he’s crazy about.

'True service is the highest form of empowerment.'—@SpencerBurnett #men #dads #fathers #husbands #wives #marriage #marriagetips Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn

  • That men’s IQ lowers when they approach women
  • Why being programmed to breed as animals gives us conflicting thoughts
  • Why our hunting instincts turn off and we get lazy in relationships with the women we wanted so badly
  • Why we don’t see it coming when our wives are unhappy
  • Our role as conscious creators and kings
  • How to view ourselves as kings without taking on arrogance
  • How to see yourself as royalty and allow yourself to serve your queen
  • Changing to the mindset of service
  • The pointlessness of looking to the external world for validation
  • How to naturally emanate confidence (not arrogance)
  • How to create the evidence of your greatness to build unshakeable confidence
  • How taking away all worldly vices helps you to meet yourself
  • How today’s independent women don’t need the same alpha male type anymore
  • How men can cultivate more beta traits (vulnerability, listening, honesty) in an empowered way to give women what they need
  • Examples of communication starters and communication mistakes
  • The danger of avoiding ourselves
  • The mistake of diving into hobbies, habits, and work when things go wrong instead of connecting
  • How to start dating our wives again without seeming needy
  • Creative ideas for acts of service for your woman
  • How to have conversation with your wife on topics besides the kids
  • How to get more sex
  • Advice for divorced guys and single dads
  • How to put action behind your love instead of just words
'When you ask a woman for her help, she’s going to love you so much more.'—@SpencerBurnett #women #men #love #marriage #vulnerability Click To Tweet


Build confidence, remove anxiety, talk to women with ease.


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Using the Past to Become a Better Dad with Former NFL Player Billy Miller

Using the Past to Become a Better Dad with Former NFL Player Billy Miller

Today we are psyched to have Former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion Billy Miller on The Dad Edge Podcast. Most of the time we only see sports stars on the field or getting interviewed after the game. They have to give their camera-ready answers about the team’s performance, but rarely do we see the husband, the father, or the man behind the athlete.

In this episode, Billy Miller opens up his world to us. He delves into his rough childhood as the son of two drug addicts, his battle against depression, and how he uses his difficult past as a reference to become the best dad he can possibly be. He also talks about maintaining a circle of intimate friends, co-parenting with his ex-wife, and how he keeps work separate from his family.

'We are built, as men, to change.' – former NFL Player, Billy Miller @billymiller83 #men #dads #fathers #fatherhood #manhood Click To Tweet

Billy Miller

From the time Billy can remember, his parents were addicted to drugs. He’d wake up on a Saturday morning, make himself breakfast, lunch, dinner, go to bed, wake up, and do the same thing all over again for days. Billy was alone a lot and had to learn to take care of himself. He was forced to grow up quickly.

Billy’s dad was abusive to his mom and him. He also went to prison several times. Billy didn’t think anything of it because it became his normal.

As he got older, Billy moved to a much nicer area called West Lake Village. His new school was a total culture shock and a blessing for him. Billy is half white and half black, but he had never spoken a word to another white person except to his mom and his grandmother until he was thirteen-years-old.

In West Lake Village, Billy saw how parents could get along and how healthy families functioned. He realized very early how important being a father was. He noticed that every single word his father said resonated within him. He held onto this realization until he became a dad himself.

'It's those moments where you're becoming a reflection of your past that you know you're doing the best learning of what not do to as a father.' – former NFL Player, Billy Miller @billymiller83 #dads #fathers #men #fatherhood #legacy Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn

  • How Billy suffered a bout of deep depression after he was done playing football
  • How depression helped him develop humility
  • What you need in addition to the desire to change
  • How we as men be better at asking for help
  • How to be honest about how you feel with your kids
  • How to show your kids how to be vulnerable
  • How being competitive lessens the chances of a man’s success
  • The trusted and honest relationship he had with his tribe of intimate friends
  • How to start a men’s group
  • How to deepen relationships with existing friends to go beyond the ordinary
  • About Billy’s divorce
  • How he coparents with his ex-wife
  • How couples can coparent peacefully and successfully even if they don’t get along
  • Why he didn’t talk to his brother for a long time
  • Why he hates when dads are not involved
  • How to not bring stress home to your kids, even when under the pressure of a job like playing in the NFL
  • How to come home and be superman
'Don't wait till the last minute. Don't wait to the bottom of the bottom to ask for help.'– former NFL Player, Billy Miller @billymiller83 #men #depression #stress #mentalhealth Click To Tweet

We appreciate all the support!

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'Being a dad was vastly more important than anything I was doing.' – former NFL Player, Billy Miller @billymiller83 #dads #fathers #sports #NFL #parenting Click To Tweet


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3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Teach our Kids Ninja Skills


Check out the video above and you will see what I am talking about.  This is a quick highlight recap of our day at KOR.  It’s a short clip with photos and video with some heartfelt music by Cold Play.

The Good Dad Project/KOR American Ninja Warrior Day was a day like no other! 

About four times per year, The Good Dad Project partners with local businesses in the St. Louis, MO area to do “Dad/Kid Meet Ups.”  In the past, we have held these events at St. Louis City Museum, The Painted Pot, and Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing.

Our most recent meet up definitely topped them all! 

We decided to partner with the KOR Complex, owned and operated by Brendan O’Neill in St. Charles, MO.  KOR is a VERY UNIQUE facility with an experience like no other.

If you are a fan of American Ninja Warrior, this facility is right up your alley.  KOR offers some of the most popular obstacles such as:  The Famous Warped Wall, Cannon Ball Alley, Salmon Ladder, Pegged Wall, Inverted Stairs, Floating Doors, and many more.

The Good Dad Project Meet Ups are more than just quality time with our kids.  It’s about creating a memorable experience.  The meet up experiences are meant to go above and beyond taking our kids to the park or going to see a movie.  Each experience gives dads an opportunity to be creative, adventurous, and do something completely outside the box.


1.  Much like our day at KOR, life is full of OBSTACLES:

Each day we have an opportunity to help support and guide our kids through problem solving skills.  When the obstacles show up in life, it’s so important that our kids can rely on us to help guide them through it.

Our Ninja Day at KOR provided Dads the opportunity to guide, cheer, and help their kids through the obstacles.   Smiles, cheering, positive reinforcement, and teamwork were the experiences that came from each obstacle.

Good Dad Project

Good Dad Project

2. We can show our kids that we can Face Our Fears:

I will admit, some of the obstacles at KOR can be downright intimidating at first.  The Warped Wall tops out at a daunting 14.5 feet. That’s a big jump to say the least!  Attempting to climb inverted stairs and then lache to the floating doors can be frightening.  However, every Dad and child took on these obstacles together.

In everyday life, we preach to our kids to face their fears, have confidence in themselves, and to take chances.  Very rarely do we get to show them by example.  Our Ninja Day provided this opportunity in a big way.

Some of the greatest moments of the day were not just the Dads cheering on kids, but the kids cheering on the Dads!


3.  Celebrate the Everyday Victories:

The KOR complex erupted with cheer when one of our dads or kids would conquer an obstacle.  In everyday life, we overcome obstacles.  For our kids, it can be something as simple as getting a good grade on the big test, making a new friend, or a random act of kindness.  However, it can also be something as big as making the game winning run, getting a driver’s license, or graduating high school.

For Dads, it can be something as simple as we finally crossed two things off our honey-do list, we closed a new account at work, or we earned a raise.

The takeaway is this:  we have victories every single day.  It’s so important that as a family we cheer each other on through the obstacles and celebrate the wins together.


A special thanks to all who participated on our Good Dad Project Ninja Day at KOR!

If you haven’t signed up to be a free member of our community, please do so below.  The Good Dad Project is dedicated to improving the lives of Dads and Families.

All the Best,



Speaker, Author, and Founder of the Good Dad Project

The Good Dad Project

3 Reasons to Take Your Kids on a One-On-One Trip…The 3rd Reason will really hit home.

It has been 9 months since I have started this Project.

There is one critical lesson I have learned…it is not the destination of this project that matters…it’s the Journey.

The Journey has transformed my life and the life of my family.  I  have learned so many lessons along the way from other Dads who are a part of our community.  My hope is that this community has inspired you as well.

Because here’s the thing…being a Dad can be humbling and even frustrating at times (even though we don’t admit it).

It’s small little changes along the way that can make all the difference.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is the importance of one-on-one time with each of the kids.

If this is your first time here…I am a Dad of 3 boys.

So, it is extremely complicated to get one-on-one time with each kiddo.  Just like any other family, we have homework, sports, church, family time, time with friends, and work.


The work life balance is always a juggling act.

Hence the reason I am writing this blog at 10pm on a Friday night just after I got the crew to bed.

So, let’s talk about what you came here to read…

The 3 Reasons to Take Each of Your Kids on a one-on-one trip.

If you are a Dad that takes their kids on a “date night (0r day)” …kuddos to you!  Most Dads try and get out for some one-on-one time.

However, I absolutely challenge you to take it to the next level.

I challenge you to take an actual trip.


It doesn’t have to extravagant from financial point of view.  However, it has to be a trip that gets you both out of the daily grind for 48-36 hours.

Think of it this way…you have been in the work grind for how many days, weeks, months?

I imagine a long time.

How long has your kid been in the school, homework, and/or sports grind?  Days?  Weeks?  Months?

A trip with just the two of you might just be what the doctor ordered.


Last month I took my 6 year old to Colorado Springs, CO for 4 days.  This was actually the 4th one-on-one trip I have done with my 2 oldest.  I started taking each of boys on their own trip 2 years ago.  It has been nothing short of epic and so worth it.


This last trip was one of the most amazing trips we have ever been on.

We got to see and do a lot of things…we went up to the summit of Pikes Peak, we hiked through Garden of the Gods, we hiked through Pikes Peak, and we took an ATV tour through Canon City in the mountains.

I will definitely tell you that the sites were amazing…however…there was something that was much more amazing.

It allowed my son and I to totally disconnect from our daily grind for 4 days.  For him there was no school, no homework, and no sports.  For me, there was no work, no emails, no deadlines, and no obligations.

Our only mission was to enjoy the moment and be present.  Our only “to-do” was to enjoy each others company while we explored.

There was nothing distracting us.  There was only us and the expereince of the trip.

So…this leads me to our top 3 Reasons to get out and do this!

1.  Gets you out of the daily grind and into the moment:

Getting you out of your daily routine sparks a new connection and experience.

No kidding around…nothing will create memories more than getting out of your routine and into something new.  Being able to experience a new environment together for the first time will create some unforgettable memories.


2.  Your kids will open up to you:

Getting your kids out of their daily grind and experiencing new adventures will open them up more than you can imagine.

The fact that you and your kiddo are out exploring new things will put your relationship on a whole new level.

They will open up to you like they never have.

I got to know each kid way more on a deeper level on each of our trips compared to being at home and asking them about their day at school.


3.  The memories are priceless:

As each of our kids get older they will gradually pull away from us.

This is a tough thing for us as Moms and Dads.

Before we know it, our kids have grown into adolescence and they really don’t want much to do with us.

We truly only have about 10 years to make a lasting impact when it comes to some stellar memories.  When I tell you that a one-on-one trip will pay dividends later, I absolutely mean it.  Your kids will talk about that one-on-one adventure for years to come.


If you haven’t signed up to be a free member of our community…please do so.  You will also get a free copy of our ebook (check it out to the right).

Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read.  If it really hit home, please share on your FB.

All the best,


Founder of the GDP