GDP 134 - Becoming a Legendary Man with Nate Lind

Becoming a Legendary Man with Nate Lind

My guest is mega-successful entrepreneur and thought leader, Nate Lind. Nate is a husband, a father, and the founder of Legendary Man. At the age of thirty-seven Nate has already experienced huge successes and crushing failures, to the point where he considered suicide. He is here to tell us about depression in men and why openness, vulnerability, and building a tribe are more powerful than the outdated lone wolf idea of masculinity.

Nate’s Story

Nate Lind is the youngest of six siblings, among two older boys and three older girls. His dad was in the army and they moved a lot. Because of this, Nate learned how to make friends quickly even though he was a total nerd growing up. Nate was overweight, soft, and squishy. He wasn’t into sports. Instead, he liked video games and Boy Scouts.  During three or four years while he was in middle school he would spend one weekend a month camping in Kansas. The weather in the Midwest could be scorching and humid, or freezing cold. This helped Nate learn how to deal with the elements.

Computers were huge in his childhood. Nate says he was born into analog and converted into digital. Kids his age had to know basic coding principals just to fix a glitchy game. His passion for computers led him to pursue a computer animation degree in college. Nate says he was on the robotic college path–degree, job, marriage, retirement. But after college, he was burnt out with computers. He became more interested in interaction with people. Then he read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and focused on how to provide for himself and his future family.

Nate’s Family Today

Nate has been married for fourteen years and has two kids. He says his wife is super-smart and a force to be reckoned with. She is also motivated, passionate, and has the ability to provide for the family. Nate says he and his wife both share a strong sense of morals. When they met on the internet on, she was an enlisted Marine.

They dated for a few years before getting married. Nate was flipping houses at the time. Then the housing market dove just as they find out they were pregnant.

Nate was mentally devastated. He experienced that deep-seated failure as a man from not being able to provide. Luckily, his wife was able to take care of the bills, but Nate clearly remembers snapping at her. He hadn’t seen a paycheck in months and was a total jerk. Nate learned that repressing feelings is what he naturally did, but maintaining a stoic appearance would make him explode.

Nate also remembers that he didn’t have a tribe for a long time. He suffered in silence and failure alone.

You beat yourself up, instead of looking at where you are and where you’re going ahead.

On Tribe

Nate’s current success is built on his line of beard products. You can see that his beard is impossible to avoid talking about. After he first started growing his beard, he would go to beard contests to meet the men who were his customers. Nate found himself adopted into a sort of bearded tribe and this camaraderie became the bread crumbs that lead to creating the Legendary Man online community.

Champions embody the timeless stories and journeys that all men share. They represent the roles we play in life, the paths we walk, the lessons we learn, and the way we interact. Identifying and understanding your champion is key to starting your journey. 

Most guys are oblivious to their capability to reflect on what is causing the problems in their life. They place blame outside of themselves and avoid taking responsibility. This mindset puts them in a low-power position. That is why a tribe is so important. Not only is it a support system, but members will see your blind spots and let you know when you’re sabotaging yourself.

Becoming a Legendary Man

Nate says that failures are part of the hero’s journey, and the hero’s journey is not something we watch over and over again in movies. There is a reason this mythology has lived within our cultures forever. We live it.

You are on a journey, you prepare, you fight, you overcome, and then you return home. You will get a period of rest to integrate what you learned and share that treasure with your family or community, but that doesn’t mean you live happily ever after. Something bubbles back up again. It’s your unconscious letting you know that it’s time to go back out there and challenge yourself.

The New Masculinity

The old idea of masculinity is literally killing men. Middle-aged, white men are the highest suicide rate demographic. It’s taboo for guys  to become depressed and to fall into such a weak state to want to kill themselves, and this is why they don’t reach out for help.

Nate has been there. He thought about suicide several times throughout his career. But he felt an urge welling inside him and reached out for help. He took action. He told himself, even if worse came to worse, and he had to shut down his company that he had his health, his kids, and his wife. He would make it through.

It is totally normal to go through ups and downs in life. It’s your unconscious telling you it’s time to make a change. 

Biggest Lesson of Fatherhood

Nate says his sons will do exactly what he does, and nothing he tells them to do.

Teaching by doing is so much more powerful than lecturing.

On Being a Husband

Nate focused so much on taking care of his family financially, that he didn’t spend time enjoying them.

They didn’t want just a provider. They wanted me.

Advice to Himself 

Nate says that we as dads have an absolute responsibility to raise a different generation of men. He warns not to tell your boys to man up and hold in their feelings. Give messages to your kids on how to be tough through experiences. Camping and hiking teach them what toughness means as opposed to drilling it into them and making them feel that they have to prove something to dad.

To the Man Who Doesn’t Have a Tribe

There is a band there waiting for you. You just have to be willing to allow yourself to be embraced. Opening up to a community is not as hard as it seems.



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the good dad project

Brenneman vs. Hagner: The Good Dad Project Interview

In this episode, Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman turns the tables and puts Good Dad Project creator and host Larry Hagner in the spotlight. Learn all about the humble beginnings of The Good Dad Project and what it’s like to interview amazing guests. You’ll also hear about Larry’s mastermind groups, how he balances work and family, and why he hates his first name.

Larry Hagner

Larry had been married to his wife for fourteen years and is the father to four boys. Yes. Four. Aged eleven, nine, three, and one. He says parenting four boys is chaos and he couldn’t do it without a sense of humor. He and his wife refer to the kids as “the drunk people” because they talk nonsense, miss the toilet when they pee, and show up to dinner without pants.

The Good Dad Project

The Good Dad Project is a blog and a podcast with over 200 hundred shows logged featuring NY Times bestselling authors, professional athletes, famous fighters, motivational speakers, and Navy SEALS. Larry Hagner is the author of two books, a children’s book and a guidebook for dads. He is a mastermind facilitator and manages huge community of dads from across the world.

Larry offers The Dad Edge free private Facebook group where men discuss anything and everything. He also has two tiers of mastermind groups: The Dad Edge Alliance and the Elite Mastermind. He credits his business model from combining what he’s learned from his close friends and mentors, Aaron Walker from View from the Top and Ryan Michler from Order of Man.

On Being a Connector

Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman knows Larry Hagner’s connecting abilities first hand. Larry agrees that being a connector is his strength. Larry relies heavily on the radical relationships he has formed and feeds those relationships by branching out to other likeminded individuals. Why not share fantastic people with other fantastic people?

The Power of Talking

In a society where everything is automated and fast, talking is grossly underrated. But Larry Hagner believes in getting personal in the men his mastermind groups. He hosts calls every week on the Zoom platform where everyone can talk and view each other on video.

He could easily have a landing page where anyone can access the group, but Larry calls each and every man to approve them first. This takes a lot of time and effort, but what goes on in the mastermind is very personal and the call beforehand starts the relationship off on the right foot.

These groups create a dynamic, ever-changing synergy. In one-to-one coaching, the client only gets one perspective, but in a mastermind group, he will get a variety of perspectives, answers, and strategies. This is the value of a tribe, something we’ve lost as a society and mastermind groups fill that void.

The Vision

When Larry first started his groups, he was terrified. Would they men like it? Would they stay? Because of this, he constantly asks for feedback and remains open to criticism. What is the need out there? Negative feedback used to hurt his feelings, but now he sidesteps his ego so he can get better. He strives to bring more value to his shows and groups every day.

The Growth of GDP

After one year of steady podcasting, Larry only hit 50K downloads. He was frustrated, but stayed the course. He started really paying attention to which shows the audience responded to according to download numbers and audience emails.

Just one more year of sticking with the show, The Good Dad Project has reached 1 million downloads and is gaining momentum.

Playing the Long Game

Growing a show and cultivating a community took extreme patience on Larry’s part. At one point, he had to take out of his retirement for website and production expenses, but he kept the faith.

He says that if you would do what you’re doing for free, and you pay attention to the needs of the people you are helping, then you will eventually be successful. Passion will not do it alone. You also need the right recipe and you must keep learning and changing till you find the right one.

There’s no way around putting in the hard work.

Overcoming Self-doubt

Larry always had the desire to educate and improve himself. Five years ago, he was not the man or the father he wanted to be, and the GDP was his way of educating himself.

He now can’t imagine being a father without The Good Dad Project in his life. His kids would suffer and he would suffer. This is why Larry is determined to keep the project growing. It has become larger than himself. At this point, he knows he has to deliver to his audience all the time and in a big way so he can also deliver these same things home.

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Aaron Walker

Working to Live, Not Living to Work with Aaron Walker

Can we live a life of purpose and still make a living to support our families? Can we do the work that we love and still be profitable? The answer is absolutely YES, and Aaron Walker from View from the Top is here to tell us how.

Aaron Walker

This is Aaron Walker’s second time on the Good Dad Project. You may remember his awesome episode The Ultimate Guide to Work/Life Balance way back in November 2015. For those of you who don’t know, Aaron Walker is a hugely successful businessman and life coach who has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher.

Aaron values his time spent with family and friends. Sharing the past 36 years with his lovely wife Robin has been nothing short of spectacular. His two fantastic daughters and champion son-in-law have given Aaron & Robin five beautiful grandchildren. When time allows, Aaron enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and is an avid reader.

Aaron Walker grew up in a dirt-poor family. They lived in a $6,500 house, which they eventually lost to bankruptcy when alcoholism took over his father’s life. His parents would fight about drinking, and to this day, Aaron despises alcohol. His mother gave his father an ultimatum: either quit or she and the kids would leave. Aaron said his father loved his family more than drinking. This helped his father to quit and turn the family around. Aaron says his dad was his best friend, and they hunted and fished together every day of his life. Still, Aaron wanted to make more of himself, and he did. He was so successful, he retired three times.


Aaron admits that even he gets down and depressed. This is why we all need to have people around to encourage us and help us up. Sometimes we need people to slow us down. Sometimes we need people to speed us up. We need wise counsel. This is why Aaron has been doing mastermind groups for 20 years.

Isolation is the enemy of excellence.


Aaron says that being positive is a choice. You can choose to be optimistic about circumstances, or pessimistic. You can lead a life of significance, or a life of ambition. Aaron knows from experience that chasing material things won’t satisfy you like you think it will. What matters most is people.

We work to live, we don’t live to work.

Build Boundaries

Aaron sets strict boundaries to make sure his life stays on track. He doesn’t allow women to connect with him on social media. He doesn’t get into a car or dine alone with women. This is a foolproof way to keep his marriage safe, but these boundaries need to be set in all areas of your life. What do you value the most? What do you wish to protect at all costs?

Whatever those boundaries are for you, set them.

Source of Energy

Joy and enthusiasm come through Aaron’s voice whenever he speaks. Aaron has a deep faith in God and he says he draws his energy from his worship. He reads scripture every day and is highly involved in church activities.

Aaron also suggests the following tips to protect your energy levels:

  • Make time to read.
  • Stop watching news, it’s not healthy.
  • Listen to music, blogs, podcasts, Ted Talks.
  • Choose what you put in your mind.
  • Choose the people you spend time with. Are they positive influences?
  • Choose who your kids are around.
  • Choose the mindset to set yourself free.

Dad Wisdom

One of the most important boundaries we as dads can set is to not allow anything to intrude on our time with our kids. Most dads get home and think they should use that time to send ten more emails, or call five extra clients. Aaron says to turn it off.

Don’t’ squander your kids’ time growing up.


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jim sheils

How to Magnify Your Presence with Your Kids with Jim Sheils

What if you treated your kids with the same respect as you would your biggest business client or investor?

Jim Sheils is a real estate investor and the author of The Family Board Meeting: Is Business Success Hurting Your Family? He is also the founder of Board Meetings International, which offers retreats and online tools to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs forge lasting bonds with their kids.

The tradition started when he and his co-founder, Brian Scrone, got together to surf with friends and joked it was a “board” meeting. Soon it became clear that these trips were about more than just surfing. The camaraderie and support of their surf tribe soon became their deepest source of strength and wisdom. Soon, many of them began to bring their kids along.

As Jim traveled the world for entrepreneurial events, he noticed that many professionals were having a difficult time being successful while maintaining a connection with their families. Even before he became a father, Jim decided to help business owners and professionals make groundbreaking improvements in their relationships with their kids and developed the system he will share in this episode!

What is a board meeting?

A family board meeting is a pre-scheduled 4-hour minimum chunk of time spent with your child every 90 days.

Why every 90 days?

A 90-day period is enough space for deepening and reflection, and it gives ample time for anticipation to build for the next board meeting.

Rules of the board meeting.

  • It must be scheduled like an official meeting that cannot be pushed aside. This ensures you will be consistent and your child knows that they are your highest priority.
  • It must be one-on-one. Being alone with your child with magnify your presence. This time spent together goes much further than the chaos of the whole family being together.
  • Electronics are forbidden. Electronics help us in many ways, but in this instance, they will hurt us by pulling us out of the moment. It will feel awkward at first, but you must disconnect to reconnect.
  • Let your child chose the activity. Allow your kid to design the day. Don’t drag them to something they don’t enjoy.

Jim Sheils recommends ending the day with a focused reflection Ask your kid what he or she liked about the day. Let them talk as much or as little as they want. When you set up time with your child in this format, they remember it clearly, and these special moments become pillars in the relationships.

Jim Sheils’s parting piece of dad wisdom.

Most dads are driven to succeed and provide for their families. We go so fast that we sometimes lose track of the people we love along the way. Is it possible to achieve a balance between family and business?

Jim Sheils always thinks of a simple line Sonny Corleone says in The Godfather. When it comes to choosing between business or family, “I guess business is going to have to suffer.” It doesn’t mean you give up on your business, it just means you put it in its place, and Jim has noticed that he actually performs better and makes better decisions when he keeps focused on what’s most important to him.



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strategic gifts with John Ruhlin

The Art of Giftology: Energize Your Business and Personal Life With Strategic Gifts with John Ruhlin

Strategic Gifts are what we call “Thoughtful Thoughts.”  Giftology author John Ruhlin tells us about the science of strategic gift giving and how it can galvanize your business and personal relationships for years to come.

About John Ruhlin

John Ruhlin is the founder of The Ruhlin Group, a gift logistics company that helps clients like the Chicago Cubs, Wells Fargo, Caesar’s Entertainment, Miami Dolphins, Morgan Stanley, and The John Maxwell Company execute year-round gifting strategies.

John’s unique approach to relationships led him to become the #1 salesman for a $250 Million direct sales company. He now speaks widely about strategic gifting and relationship building and helps CEOs and sales teams drive referrals and open doors to elusive decision makers.

John Ruhlin’s Story

John Ruhlin grew up on an Ohio farm milking goats. An overachiever all his life, John didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do. All he did know was that he didn’t want to be working on a farm for the rest of his life.

John Ruhlin says it only takes one mentor to change your life. As a young man, his mentor was his girlfriend’s dad who showed him what happens with acts of radical generosity. When John got an internship with the Cutco knife company, he achieved great success, not by selling knives, but by applying the psychology of deepening relationships by giving strategic gifts.

Now John Ruhlin sends out $250,000 a year in gifts, spending $200-500 per gift. This may sound crazy, but he says that his prospects’ time is worth that much. His small eight-person firm has landed monstrous companies by radical generosity, and when you take into account how much you might spend on restaurants and events entertaining prospects, Ruhlin’s gift expenditures are not so out of proportion. Colleagues, associates, and clients may not remember the steak they ate or the wine they drank, but a treasured gift will make them remember you again and again. It may be mind-blowing, but it’s actually smarter to reallocate resources for generous gifts instead of spending on trade shows or expensive dinners.

The Philosophy of Giftology

Did you know that giving strategic gifts can make a huge difference in your work and family life? For most men, trying to think of thoughtful gifts feels awkward. This is why guys usually ask wives to choose the gifts. So how can you choose a gift that will leave a meaningful impression that lasts?

The last thing people need is more crap. Most of us are overwhelmed by stuff we don’t need or want. But we all have room in our lives for more artifacts – the types of gifts you would save from a fire or pass down as an heirloom. This type of gifting is not a new idea. It’s old school. Our grandfathers and fathers did it. We’ve just forgotten.

Gifting Fundamentals

  • Get the spouse and family in on it – Knives are used every day in a family’s home to prepare food. This is a very intimate ritual and that is why John has had such success in selling engraved knives. His gifts became part of people’s lives. He says “try to find a gift that becomes part of the fabric of the being of that person.”
  • Make everyone look better – Giving gifts that make an executive look like a hero in front of his wife will win you extra points. Likewise, giving your wife an extraordinary surprise in front of one of her friends will amplify the effect of the gift that much more
  • No logo or promotional slogans – Adding branding or contact info to a gift defaces it.
  • No strings attached – Don’t cheapen the thought be hinting at getting something in return. Make it about the other person and they’ll put the spotlight on you.

More Strategic Gift Tips

  • Personalize the gift with the recipient’s and the spouse’s or family’s name.
  • Make sure the gift is accompanied by a handwritten note.
  • Make sure the gift is the best in its class and will last a lifetime or more.

Gifting your family

It’s more difficult to gift on a personal side, and John Ruhlin admits that he was horrible at gifting his wife, but he also says that men don’t really suck at gifting. They just suck at putting time and attention towards it.

Strategic Gift Tips for Family

  • Gift according to love language – Does your spouse appreciate your time, experiences, time for herself? What are those things your kids always want to do that you never have time for?
  • Gift outside normal times – Giving a gift on Christmas and birthdays is expected. Giving gifts on a random day has more impact because it’s not obligatory.
  • Take notes throughout the year – John Ruhlin listens to his wife and kids whenever they mention things they might like and uses Evernote to save gift ideas for later.

Parting wisdom on being a good dad

John Ruhlin is a traveling entrepreneur and a husband, but he also has three little girls all under the age of 5. As a family, they devote a lot of time and attention to cultivating faith.

He, like many parents, sometimes wondered if it’s sticking, but he has seen the power of pouring in core values at a super early age. His advice is that children’s minds can process much more complex concepts than we give them credit for. “Don’t treat them like they can’t understand.”



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