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Resilience Parenting with Chris Santillo

How can we teach our kids to navigate hardships and adversity while also raising them to be well-behaved? Today’s guest is Chris Santillo, the author of Resilience Parenting: Raising Resilient Children in an Era of Detachment and Dependence. Chris is a black belt instructor of Kempo karate and has established a foundation of three pillars in parenting—learning, service, and integrity. You will find out what snowplow parenting is and why it’s so damaging. You’ll also learn why you should formulate a family creed, how to teach ownership and independence, and how to give kids space to overcome challenges to become constant learners in life.

Turning Shame and Regret into Power

We’re excited to bring Joe Burnham back on the show. He is a Dad Edge Alliance mastermind member who was on the podcast previously to talk about his life after getting arrested in a prostitution sting. Today he tells us how no one is beyond redemption and that it is possible to recover from a downfall by turning shame and regret into power.

Master the Key: How to Free Your Potential with Mike Flynn

What do you do when you realize you are trapped in a story that you would have never written for yourself? How do you become who you were created to be?
Today we have Mike Flynn back on the show. He is the host of the Impact Entrepreneur podcast and has just released his new book, Master the Key: A Story to Free Your Potential, Find Meaning and Live Life on Purpose.
Mike is going to teach us the 4 elements of ownership, why me must learn to sit in silence with ourselves, and how to find our why. He also reveals the most important key to stepping into our destiny—to believe we are worthy of it.