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Why Kids Lie and What Dads Can Do About It

We usually interview an alliance member on Thursday Throwdown, but this week’s going to be a little different. This is about being a human and fallible dad in the midst of some challenges with my 11-year-old son. He’s been caught in a few lies lately, and that’s the type of behavior a dad wants to get in front of right away.

Why do kids lie and what can dads do about it? How do we punish them without making them feel as if we only exist to make their lives miserable? How can we make our kids understand how difficult it is to be a parent? You’ll find out my personal experience in this episode.

Extreme Ownership for Fathers with Leif Babin

Leif Babin is going to tell us the most important quality of a leader—whether it’s in SEAL teams or at home—and his answer will surprise you. He’s also going to talk about how he applies combat rules to family life, how to detach from emotions to be more effective, and how to be proactive to find solutions and get things done.