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How to Optimize The Structure of Work, Family, and Fulfillment with Dave Hollis

We are stoked to have Dave Hollis on The Dad Edge. Dave worked for Disney for 17 years selling movies like Star Wars and The Avengers to theaters, and he recently left his position to help his wife Rachel develop her business. Dave tells us why he quit what most people would consider a dream job and how he and his wife grow their media company while raising four kids. He also talks about their technique called ‘frontloading’ to optimize the structure of work, family, and fulfillment for an incredible life.

Embracing the Parenting Journey

As men, we often feel alone on our journeys—especially when it comes to parenting. Today’s guest is Dad Edge Alliance member, Simon. He talks about how when his wife got pregnant he didn’t want to have a boy because it would force him to confront issues he didn’t want to deal with. The thought of becoming a parent baffled him, but once his son was born he realized that shedding his former self and embracing the parenting journey came naturally.

Never Give Up No Matter What with Mason Hagner

Today we have the most amazing guest ever on The Dad Edge, my ten-year-old son, Mason Hagner. He is releasing his book called Never Give Up No Matter What, an illustrated story about a situation where he wanted to give up, how he pushed past his desire to quit, and what he achieved by persevering even though it seemed that all hope was lost.

The Power of Letting Go of Resentment Toward Your Father with Cody McBroom

What type of father did you have growing up? How does it affect you as the man you are today? If you had a great dad, you’ll want to follow in their footsteps. But what if your dad didn’t give you what you needed? Will you fall into the same pattern or choose to change it?
Cody McBroom from Boom Boom Performance demonstrates the power of letting go of resentment toward your father or anyone else in your life. Cody also shares his no-nonsense fitness and nutrition tips so you can build a foundation of health that will empower you in life.