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Breaking the Chain of Bad Fathering

Breaking the chain of bad fathering is complex. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we see ourselves falling into the same behaviors we watched as a kid. We feel hopeless and infuriated.

There were no resources for men in previous generations, but we’re going to change that. The mission of the Dad Edge is to empower fathers to be their best. Listen to how one of our members learned to grow beyond his upbringing to become a happy, confident, and resilient man.

Simple, Sexy Marriage with Dr. Corey Allan

Today we have Dr. Corey Allan on the show. He is a marriage and family therapist and the host of the Sexy Marriage Radio podcast which has been going strong for seven years. Dr. Allan outlines most common problems couples bring to his office. In this conversation, we get granular about sex issues along with intimacy and pornography. He tells us what we’re doing wrong when it comes to trying to get more sexual with our spouses and how to talk about it without putting them on the defense. You may be surprised by his advice. Download this episode because you’ll want to listen to it again!

Doing Life with The Dad Edge

This is the final episode of Thursday Throwdown for 2018. This was the most successful year yet for The Dad Edge Podcast and The Dad Edge Alliance. We organized our first ever Dad Edge Summit. We received 150 iTunes reviews, 300 members in The Dad Edge Alliance membership, and over 11K in our free Facebook group, a judgement and ego-free zone to share the challenges of being a man and a father. Thank you all for doing life with The Dad Edge!

Black Belt Husband with Quentin Hafner

Today’s guest is Quentin Hafner, author of Black Belt Husband: A Marriage Book for Men. He’s a couples counselor by day and a Brazilian jujitsu practitioner by night. Quentin has developed a methodology to becoming a great husband inspired by the martial arts belt system.

There is no need to feel hopeless when your marriage hits a wall, even if the sex has all but disappeared and you and your spouse at moments hate each other. Quentin Hafner breaks it all down for us in this episode!

The Cure for Lone Wolf Syndrome

Today we have Dad Edge Alliance Team Leader “The Bearded” John Williams on the show. A rising tide lifts all ships, and by doing life with good men, John has stopped drifting and is now actively shaping his destiny. His wife Ashley also makes a surprise appearance and gives us the lowdown on the changes she has seen in John since he’s had men to share the highs and lows with.