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How to Get Anything You Want with Tony Stephan

Our guest today is Tony Stephan. He is a registered dietician and nutrition coach who’s been featured in the media . His childhood was full of hardship and tragedy. Anyone would’ve understood if he felt sorry for himself and drifted through life, but his humble father gave him the secret to achieving what he thought was impossible. He’s not only going to tell us how to use this secret to get the health we want, but how to get anything we want in life.

The Challenges of Being a Military Veteran Dad

Today we are focusing on military fathers. Before we get into the show, we thank you for serving our country and providing a safe place for us to raise our families. This episode is for you.

Ben Killoy is a veteran and the host of the Military Veteran Dad Podcast and his mission is to bring every dad home. We’re not just talking about being physically home. We’re talking about the special challenges of being a military veteran dad.

Debrief to Win with former Top Gun Instructor Robert “Cujo” Teschner

Who knows better how to rapidly assess, respond, and adapt under extreme pressure better than a Top Gun fighter pilot? Today we are super-psyched to have Top Gun instructor Robert “Cujo” Teschner on the show! He’s releasing his book called Debrief to Win: How High-Performing Leaders Practice Accountable Leadership. He is also a husband, a father of five children, and a cancer survivor.

You don’t get to Cujo’s level without doing the work and prepping yourself to win at all costs. He reveals that even though his military career was taking off, he was failing in other dimensions of his life. One day he realized that if he applied his elite training to his health and family, he would dominate across the board.

Listen to his Debrief to Win system to set yourself up for a successful mission no matter what the dogfight of life throws at you.

How to Execute Major League Achievement—Exclusive Dad Edge Alliance Q&A with Todd Stottlemyre

It doesn’t matter where you’re at. It only matters where you’re going. That is what Todd Stottlemyre says. He’s a former 3-time World Champion Major League Baseball player and the author of Relentless Success: 9-Point System for Major League Achievement.

Todd’s a good friend of The Dad Edge Alliance and returns for this live Q&A where he answers questions about failure, fatherhood, and how to make an impact in life.
Todd Stottlemyre is a dynamic guest. Prepared to get fired up and learn how to execute major league achievement!

The Ultimate Personal Development Event for Dads

The Dad Edge Summit 2019 will be held in St. Louis June 5th-8th. Today I’m joined by my two facilitators for The Dad Edge Summit live event, Jason MacKenzie and Jeff Bouwman. We recorded this episode live in The Dad Edge Mastermind community. The men on online were not only able to listen but also interact with us on the podcast. Listen to why The Dad Edge Summit is the ultimate personal development event for dads!