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Real AF Self-Discipline with Andy Frisella

Today we are beyond excited to have Andy Frisella on The Dad Edge! This interview is the favorite above all other episodes.
With a big voice, big personality, and big heart, Andy Frisella, gets real AF about his struggles. He talks about why health must be our priority and how the #75Hard challenge develops the self-discipline we need to accomplish everything we want to do in life.
Andy shares stuff in this show that you haven’t heard on any other podcast. Get ready to get real AF about life!

The Process of Family Leadership—Dad Edge Alliance Exclusive Q&A with Errol Doebler

We have an intense experience for you today. Errol Doebler, former Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent, is back on the show.
He participated in a live event with the Dad Edge Alliance, where more than 70 men had the opportunity to listen to his arsenal of family leadership training and got a chance to ask him questions about the process to become strong leaders for their families.

The Savage Gentleman with MMA Fighter Josh Tyler

MMA fighter Josh Tyler is also the co-founder of Savage Gentleman, a retail brand and ethos that believes that men are both savages and gentlemen.
Josh is here to reveal his secret to remaining calm in the chaos of the cage. He tells us how to employ emotional intelligence, communication, and self-awareness in a masculine way. Josh also talks about how he’s applied what he’s learned as an MMA fighter to entrepreneurship and family life.

The Ultimate Gift to Leave Behind for Your Kids

If you were to leave the world right now, what would you want your kids to know? What would you tell them about the way you feel? What advice would you give to take them through the rest of their lives? Today we talk about the ultimate gift to leave behind for your kids.
Blake Brewer is on a mission to help 1 million dads write at least one meaningful, heartfelt letter to their children with the Legacy Letter Challenge. He talks about how to compose a legacy letter and how its effects will ripple through generations to come.