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To the Beat of Your Own Drum

Are you living as your true self? Or have you built your life around someone else’s idea of who you’re supposed to be? And if you feel like you’re living a lie, how can you drown out the noise of the world and march to the beat of your own drum?
Today we have an everyday dad and extraordinary person from the Dad Edge Alliance. Chris Lesso is the founder of Your Best Self Through Drumming and is an expert on optimizing the power of drumming to improve focus, confidence, and self-expression.
Get ready to jam!

Warrior Toughness for Real Life with Navy SEAL Stephen Drum

Warrior toughness is the ability to make the correct decision at the right time, no matter how stressful, painful, or frightening that moment may be. This is not only achieved by rigorous discipline and training, but also a fine balance of body, mind, and soul.
Today we are pumped to have Stephen Drum on The Dad Edge. He is a combat-tested retired Navy SEAL Master Chief with 27 years of experience leading teams and executing mission-critical performance strategies. Stephen tells us a 4-part process for developing Warrior Toughness that we can apply to real life.
Learn to operate under pressure—day in, day out—no matter what life throws at you!

Self-Compassion Instead of Self-Sacrifice

At the Dad Edge Alliance, we’re disrupting the default settings of fatherhood so that we can go from living ordinary to extraordinary lives. One of the reasons we men become frustrated and burned out is because we feel it’s our job to shoulder the load for everyone. But if we practice self-compassion instead of self-sacrifice, not only will we feel happier, but we’ll also find we have more to give to everyone in our lives.

Running Your Family as a Team with Marc Roberge from O.A.R.

Today, we are honored to have O.A.R.’s lead singer Marc Roberge on the show for his second interview with The Dad Edge Podcast!
Marc talks about how dads can use this time of quarantine to reestablish the household hierarchy and start running the family as a team. kids. He also shares stories about his own father and how the nostalgia of summers growing up in the neighborhood are the inspiration for his songs to this day.He tells us what it’s like to be a dad on and off the road, how he keeps his marriage alive, and why he is open about his weaknesses and imperfections with his

This show is about the meaning of friends, family, and embracing the good and bad in life. Slow down and have a listen.