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Imposter Syndrome: Defeating Your Inner Bully with Dr. Jamie Hope

Today we have Dr. Jaime Hope on the show. She’s an Emergency Medicine Physician, Wellness Expert, Teacher, Speaker, and Author. Jaime tells us how to notice when Impostor Syndrome is creeping up and how we can shut that bully down. Jaime also reveals how to deal with times of stress by connecting the pain with our vision and purpose. Best of all, she gives us examples of how we can “program” our kids to have built-in protection against imposter syndrome.
Get ready to defeat that inner bully once and for all!

Modern Manhood: What it Means to Be a Good Man Today with Cleo Stiller

Do you consider yourself to be one of the “good guys?” What is the truth about masculinity? What does it mean to be a good man in today’s rapidly changing society? The old ideas of the man being a lone pursuer, protector, and provider are evolving, leaving many men confused about their role in family and society.
In this episode, Cleo Stiller provides context for men and women when it comes to friendship, sex, parenting, money, and work. She also tells us how dads can become better human beings and raise their sons to confidently navigate the modern world.

Become Irresistible to Your Woman with Allana Pratt

Whether things cooled off after the kids or your marriage is in serious trouble, today’s show is going to dive deep into what your woman requires to deeply connect with you on an emotional and sexual level.
Allana Pratt is a relationship coach and intimacy expert who is going to reveal some surprising insights about why your woman may have lost desire for you and what you need to do to rekindle the fire.