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Why You Should Never Leave Your Finances on Auto-Pilot

In our previous episode, financial mentor Damion Lupo shared some mind-blowing information about Wall Street. Most of us leave our money on auto-pilot or trust it to a financial advisor at our investment company. We don’t have time to examine our investments and how they are being managed, but not paying attention to our money can be dangerous. Today I talk about three ways we can protect our financial future right now.

Reversing Generations of Bad Parenting with 6-Time Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo

How do you become an incredible dad and husband when you grew up with a neglectful father? How do you break the dysfunctional pattern of your family and reverse generations of bad parenting? Chris Romulo is a 6-time Muay Thai Champion and author of Champions Uprising: Fall 7 Times, Stand Up 8. He tells us what it was like growing up with a gambling addict and how he uses his past experiences to be a better husband, father, and community member.