Amazing Sex in Your Marriage

How to Have Amazing Sex in Your Marriage with Dr. Emily Morse

When we’re married and have kids, the whole bedroom thing tends to take the backseat. It’s hard to make sex a priority, but we want it to be.

Today we have the host of the massively popular Sex with Emily podcast. Dr. Emily Morse is a celebrity relationship and sex expert with a doctorate in Human Sexuality.

Sex is always a huge topic on this show, and in this episode, Emily and I have a fun, laid back conversation about how to have amazing sex in your marriage. We cover just about everything a guy wants to know, so take notes!

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Dr. Emily Morse

Emily grew up in Michigan in a suburb of Detroit in a divorced family. After graduating from the University of Michigan, she moved to San Fransisco and worked in politics.

While directing a documentary, she realized that she loved to interview and explore people. Coming from a divorced home, Emily was curious about relationships and intimacy. She wanted to know what amazing sex was and how to have it, so twelve years ago when podcasts first began, she invited people over to interview them.

Her show has been a place for people to feel comfortable to talk about sex without shame. Emily knew this was her calling, and went back to school to earn her PhD in Human Sexuality. She went on to serve as a cohost on Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky, appear on major networks, and contribute regularly to major publications.

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Show Highlights

  • Why men have a communication block when it comes to sex
  • The common belief is that sex should be perfect without ever having to talk about it
  • Why sex is amazing in the beginning of a relationship and tapers off so quickly
  • Why couples must prioritize sex at the beginning of the relationship
  • What the married woman is thinking
  • Why sometimes women feel like the man is always wanting sex
  • How a man can make a woman feel rejected when she tries to initiate sex
  • How to start the sex conversation on a positive note
  • What tone to use when talking about sex
  • When is the best time and place to talk about sex
  • Why date nights should not be underestimated
  • The magical powers of vacation sex
  • Women’s number one complaint around sex
  • Why sex is so complicated with women (foreplay, moods, hormones)
  • How you can plant the seeds for great sex
  • Sensual experiences you can plan for your spouse without expectation of intercourse
  • Introducing sex toys, costumes, blindfolds
  • How masturbation, porn, and kegels can be helpful
  • What to do when your woman can’t orgasm
  • How to create a sexual bucket list
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