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The Highly-Evolved Father with Adam Schafer from MIND PUMP

Today we talk to a previous guest whose story about his father’s suicide is one of our top shows ever in the history of The Dad Edge. Adam Schafer from the hugely popular Mind Pump Podcast is back. He wasn’t a father the first time he was on the show, but now he’s the proud new dad to his one-year-old son Maximus!

Adam talks about how having a baby has changed his lifestyle and relationship with his wife for the better. He opens up about his struggles with empathy, trauma, and childhood insecurities. He also talks about manufacturing adversity for our kids so that they will build resilience and character.

You’ve never heard this side of Adam Schafer before. This show is full of insights that will take your fathering skills to the next level. Listen now!

Adam Schafer

Adam had a lot of adversity to overcome as a child. He lost his father to suicide at the age of seven and bounced around to nine different homes by the time he was seventeen. Adam was bullied in school which ultimately led to him being home-schooled.

In the midst of his childhood turmoil one constant in Adam’s life was his love for sports. He was a natural athlete who loved snowboarding, water skiing, basketball and anything else sports related. Adam’s love for sports led him down the path of learning about fitness and nutrition.

Adam got started with his career in fitness in 2001. His first entrepreneurial venture was as a child of ten so it seemed natural for Adam to become an entrepreneur in fitness. As a part of his ongoing quest to learn and grow in his career Adam has obtained certifications from top fitness training institutions. Adam has found a way to train and teach even more people through Mind Pump.

Adam found that combining his passion and expertise with that of his Mind Pump cohosts, Sal, Justin, and Doug, gives him the opportunity to make a big impact on the fitness industry.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to approach parenthood with intention instead of reaction
  • Will having a baby make you lose your identity as a couple?
  • Will you still find your wife attractive when she is pregnant?
  • Can sex actually be hotter after the baby?
  • Having a child brought Adam and his wife Catrina closer together.
  • As a couple, they knew that raising a new human being was going to change the awesome lifestyle they had created for themselves—dining out, going to sports events, traveling.
  • Even though they don’t do their favorite things anymore, they don’t feel like they’re missing out.
  • Marriage should not go on the back burner when the kids come. Your spouse must come before kids.
  • Most of us react based on the neurosis and insecurities we developed as a child. We must deal with unresolved anger towards our parents.
  • Be aware of displaying negativity as a couple in front of the kids. Do not react in front of the child. Show alignment.
  • There is always work to be done in a relationship.
  • Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence is the key to evolving as a man and father.
  • We must make the choice to use trauma to become better instead of an excuse to be worse.
  • Why we have to manufacture adversity for today’s kids who have everything
  • Adam’s hacks on how to make sure you show appreciation to your partner.
  • Why Adam doesn’t say “I love you” without a deeper reason behind it.


When a Father Commits Suicide

Creating a Rite of Passage Experience for Your Son

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