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The Process of Family Leadership—Dad Edge Alliance Exclusive Q&A with Errol Doebler

We have an intense experience for you today. Errol Doebler, former Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent, is back on the show.
He participated in a live event with the Dad Edge Alliance, where more than 70 men had the opportunity to listen to his arsenal of family leadership training and got a chance to ask him questions about the process to become strong leaders for their families.


Triumphing Through Dark Times: Exclusive Dad Edge Alliance Q&A with Chad Robichaux

Today we have Chad Robichaux back on The Dad Edge Podcast. We had such a powerful response to his first show with us, that we invited him to The Dad Edge Mastermind for a live Q&A session with our members.
Chad talks about triumphing through dark times. He shows us that no matter how hopeless and depressed we feel, there is always a way out with the right mindset, tools, and support.


The Truth About Your Kids and Technology: Exclusive Dad Edge Alliance Q&A with Cal Newport

We’re just beginning to understand the impact of the internet and smartphones on society. The long-term effects technology has on our kids’ wellbeing and development is even more alarming, leading to mental health issues and addictive behavior.

Today we have a fascinating conversation with our previous guest, Cal Newport, the author of Digital Minimalism. He joined our Dad Edge Alliance Mastermind to answer questions from everyday dads about kids and tech.