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The Art of Charm and Professional Relationships with Jordan Harbinger

Work relationship issues can lead to broken deals, missed promotions, and lost jobs. Today, Jordan Harbinger from the Art of Charm Podcast uncovers the truths and smashes the myths about building relationships at work. He also tells us how our body language dictates how we are treated, and gives us his drill to start appearing more confident and competent right away.

Taking Risks for a Life of Fulfillment

In our last episode, we talked with Sam Weinman about how to win at losing, how to succeed when we fail, and how to learn from defeat. I want to recap on this because the fear of losing is one of the most popular topics discussed in our Dad’s Edge group. A lot of guys are afraid of doing something new. We’re afraid of failing. We hold back because we think we’re not good enough. So how do we stop that way of thinking?